New Brunswick nearly refused to host the 2029 Canada Games


For several months, public officials worked hard to demonstrate the importance of hosting the event.

On Wednesday, the New Brunswick government confirmed that it has agreed to host the Canada Games in the summer of 2029. It is the largest multi-sport event in the country with 2,000 athletes competing in nearly 20 sports.

Government ministers on social media higgs That’s why this Cabinet, pleased to announce the coming of the Canada Games in New Brunswick behind the scenes, was hesitant about hosting such an event, Radio-Canada learned.

In the Canadian Games calendar, a rotation is planned between provinces and territories to host these competitions. Summer 2029 was the date reserved for New Brunswick.

However, sources pointed out that the specter of the Higgs government’s cancellation of the 2021 Francophonie Games still looms, and many questions are raised about the true costs of hosting.

Moreover, the sense of uncertainty seemed strong enough for the Quebec cities of Trois-Rivières and Shawinigan to merge to prepare a nomination dossier for the 2029 Games should New Brunswick withdraw.

We have people calling us regularly from New Brunswick.Claude Villemure, chairman of the proposal committee at Mauricie, confirmed. We raised our hands to say we were interested. It was done with all due respect.

He answers the reporter's questions.

Claude Villemure is an entrepreneur and restaurateur from Shawinigan, Quebec. He was head of the proposal for the Games at Mauricie.

Photo: Radio-Canada

At the time, Mr. Villemure had contacted Yukon to test the waters for a possible split of the 2027 Summer Games presentation.

Then the businessman heard voices from Fredericton about the slowness of the procedures.

Some had heard. We had contacts. We even have friends in New Brunswick who informed us that yes, people are talking in the (New Brunswick) government. »

a quote Claude Villemure

New Brunswick Minister for Tourism, Heritage and Culture, Tammy Scott Wallacedenies this information.

i don’t know where it came fromhe argues.

If that’s okay, why would serious businessmen and well-known athletes at Mauricie devote so much time to an application? The minister does not know how to respond and says he is not aware of Quebec’s steps.

Interviewing Tammy Scott-Wallace.

Tammy Scott-Wallace, New Brunswick Minister for Tourism, Heritage and Culture

Photo: Radio-Canada

However, sources within the New Brunswick government told Radio-Canada that presentations to the Cabinet were at times frustrating and focused primarily on existing infrastructure rather than the concept of hosting the Games and developing sports.

These sources are not authorized to speak to the media. They still allow us to shed some light on the decision-making process behind the scenes.

Two of them told us that the Higgs government does not want to relive the 2021 La Francophonie Games debacle.

According to the organization’s budget, there was an explosion. Blaine Higgsin December 2018. Along the way, costs have been added, especially in infrastructure.

Tammy Scott Wallace Canada denies being in talks to withdraw from the Games. But he admits that his ministry has requested more time from the sports and recreation directorate to assess the situation more thoroughly.

The crowd is watching the players on the football field.

The Université de Moncton stadium is on the list of places that can host competitions for the 2029 Games.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Jean-Philippe Hughes

I guess this was an opportunity to take an inventory of the facilities.defending the minister. I guess it was more necessary checks than anything else.

Technically, the province is on schedule with the Canadian Games Council. New Brunswick was due to issue a response before March 31, confirmed Kelly Ann Paul is the CEO of the Council.

I think the government took a good time to decide.he is telling. To be honest, we are happy with the process the New Brunswick Government has followed. The funding was also confirmed on time.

Small budget, small goals

The 2029 Games’ budget is set at $39 million for organization and infrastructure.

New Brunswick will donate $10.35 million, the federal government will inject $13.24 million, and the district or host city will contribute $16 million.

The amount of federal subsidy raises eyebrows for Claude Villemure, who believes New Brunswick has played their cards well.

According to our audits, the federal government has donated approximately $11 million during the last crackdowns.

2031, le gouvernement (fédéral) était pour augmenter les subventions de beaucoup (pour les Jeux)”,”text”:”À un moment donné, j’ai trouvé ça brillant, parce que la rumeur qui circulait, c’est que, en2031, le gouvernement (fédéral) était pour augmenter les subventions de beaucoup (pour les Jeux)”}}”>At one point I thought this was great, because rumors were circulating that in 2031 the (federal) government would increase many (for the Games) subsidies.explains.

What happened to my ears, New Brunswick made them hesitate… I thought: if we wait a bit, we’ll get a lot more help than just getting it right away.he believes.

By contrast, the 2013 Summer Games in Sherbrooke (a city the size of Moncton) had a budget of $50 million.

The opening ceremony of the 2013 Canadian Games in Sherbrooke.

The Canadian Summer Games were held in Sherbrooke in 2013. A deficit of $364,000 was issued after the balance sheet was presented.

Photograph: The Canadian Press / Jacques Boissinot

The 2023 Winter Games on Prince Edward Island have a budget of $54 million, of which $11 million is from the federal government.

money, organizational nerve

Swimmers in the Pan Am pool

The Canada Games pool in Winnipeg benefited from renovations in 2017.

Photo: Travis Golby/CBC

Cities like Winnipeg and Niagara have taken advantage of the Games’ appearance to develop or build new sports infrastructure. The bill was then paid equally by the three levels of government.

There is currently no question of New Brunswick funding the construction of new sports facilities.

If there is a need, the host of the Games will have to draw from the predetermined budget, unless the money is found elsewhere.

Host city or region?

Bicycles follow each other on a hill.

The 2029 Games may be distributed in the same city, region, or province.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Mathieu Bernier

Minister several times during the meeting Scott Wallace It talks a lot about cooperation. Does this mean we should expect common practice between several cities?

I don’t want to pre-judgesays. However, not all cities have, for example, an olympic swimming pool.. He adds that events for the 2023 Games on Prince Edward Island will be held at Crabbe Mountain in Fredericton.

The location of the 2029 edition of the Games will be decided in 2025, just 4 years before the event starts. The call for applications will begin in 2023.

For comparison, the winter games of February 2003 were allocated to the regions Restigouche and Chaleur in April 1997.

Kelly Ann Paul confirms that approval from the host region is on schedule. Council satisfied with the processsays. There will be enough time to prepare.

Economic benefits range from $90 to $110 million, depending on the host region.