New Israeli army operations in the occupied West Bank

HASAfter a series of deadly anti-Israeli attacks in recent weeks, the Israeli army launched new operations on Monday in the occupied West Bank, Palestinian territories, where security incidents escalated.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said on Sunday that the Israeli army was “attacked”, while security forces intensified their activities in the northern West Bank in recent days near the city of Jenin, where two Palestinians have waged attacks on Israel. had from.

It was reported that on Monday the army carried out an operation in the village of Kafr Qalil (north), during which clashes with “rebels” broke out.

They burned tires and threw stones at the soldiers. Gunshots were heard,” he said. He added that no soldiers were injured.

According to the Palestine Red Crescent, 24 people were injured, including one with live ammunition, in the northern West Bank on Monday.

Other Israeli operations were conducted in Burka, El-Aroub and Hebron, further south in the West Bank, which is Palestinian territory occupied by Israel since 1967.

13 people were arrested in the West Bank on Monday, 30 per week, according to the military, which says it has thwarted 16 attacks in recent days.

Israel has been hit by four attacks since March 22, the first two carried out by Israeli Arabs affiliated with the jihadist organization Islamic State (IS), and the last two by Palestinians from the Jenin sector. These attacks resulted in a total of 14 deaths.


According to the AFP tally, 14 Palestinians have been killed in violence since March 22, including the attackers.

The Palestinian health ministry said the most recent, 17-year-old Mohamed Zakarneh, died on Monday after being wounded in Jenin by Israeli bullets the day before.

Thousands of people, including armed and hooded men, attended his funeral in Jenin refugee camp on Monday, AFP journalists said.

He was wounded by mutual gunfire during an Israeli operation aimed at apprehending the relatives of the perpetrator of the attack in Tel Aviv on Thursday, in which three Israelis were killed.

On Sunday, the Israeli army said the attacker opened fire on a vehicle in which his two brothers were carrying. An Israeli security source told AFP that the security forces asked his father to surrender and threatened to raid the camp again if necessary.

Abu Mouadh, a spokesman for Jenin’s armed Palestinian groups, said on Sunday the camp was on “high alert” and called for a “general mobilization” of local fighters.

“We can expect a full-blown conflict from one minute to the next,” warned the secretary general of Islamic Jihad, the main armed Islamist movement after Hamas. Several fighters from this organization were recently killed by Israel in Jenin.

After deadly attacks against Israel nearly 20 years ago, the Israeli army launched a large-scale attack on this city, during which 53 Palestinians, more than half civilians and 23 Israeli soldiers, were killed in ten days of intense fighting. .

In a separate incident, two Israelis were shot and hospitalized on Sunday-Monday night after they entered the northern Palestinian city of Nablus, where the alleged tomb of Patriarch Jacob’s son Joseph was destroyed the day before, according to the military.

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