New medical training in Orleans to open in September 2022

Rector Katia Béguin announced on Saturday (March 5th) that medical education, approved by Jean Castex, will open in Orléans from the next school year. 100 PASS places will be created in Loiret.

All that remains is the concretization of the project… here it is! After fruitful talks by the region’s elected officials with Jean Castex, the rector of the Orléans-Tours academy announced on Saturday (March 5th): Medical education at the University of Orléans will start school from scratch in September 2022. already available on Tours.

During a trip to the orientation forums in Chapit’o in Fleury-les-Aubraies, Katia Béguin broke the news to visitors of the day, including Tahar Ben Chaabane, a former Orleans elected official who was eager to share it among them. her joy in social networks. His message was retweeted by Éric Blond, rector of the University of Orleans:

The latter also brings good news: the university will host a PASS (first year of medical studies) and benefit from the increase in LAS on the spot. Second, health access licenses contain only a small fraction of medical supplies, but – as the name suggests – they allow continued healthcare work later on.

Since the start of the 2020 academic year, the University of Orléans has offered an LAS to approximately 300 students (including its branches in Bourges and Châteauroux). A figure to which 200 first-class places will be added, “With about 100 in PASS and 100 in LAS“, rector Katia Béguin explains. In the region, the number of places in the second year of medicine will be increased from 300 to 350 and “then go up again‘ he assures.

According to the Rector, the training will be available through Parcoursup to 2022 baccalaureate holders who must submit their requests to the platform before March 29. “This will be possible by the end of next week at the latest.“,” he states.

These new locations are the result of recent joint work between the faculties of Tours and Orléans to meet the deadline set by Parcoursup. According to Katia Béguin, who also announced the news to regional president François Bonneau this morning, a joint press conference will be held soon. The opportunity to discuss the matter more broadly, the University of Orleans board of directors should be held on March 11, and all these provisions should be written in stone.

The question of allocated resources or the status of education (full integration at the Tours branch or the University of Orléans) will be addressed in the coming weeks. Despite everything, the Rector states that a university professor-hospital practitioner in intensive care will integrate the CHRO on this occasion. “The dean of Tours and the president of the University of Orléans also agreed that students in Orléans should benefit from Tours’ distance health education.“Adds Katia Béguin. An alternative”excellence“special preparations”guarantees equal opportunities‘ he argues.

new university education center“The number of doctors from Orleans was announced by Prime Minister Jean Castex on February 22, at the end of his meeting with several elected officials from the region led by François Bonneau. The chronic shortage of doctors in the region.

The alleged aim of elected officials was to train an additional 200 doctors each year in Centre-Val de Loire. This shortcoming owes much to the successive reforms in the education of doctors with the introduction of the famous numerus clausus in 1968 and 1972. removed in 2021limit the number of students admitted to the course. The decline in funding for health since the 1980s has exacerbated this situation in the long run. As a result: for example in the Loiret around 150,000 people do not have a doctorate, ie 24% of the population.