New revelations about the disappearance of flight MH370

Fild: Why does the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 affect you so much?

Florence de Changy: Gradually and with the combination of circumstances, I realized that this case is much more complicated than it seems. And the fact that I lived and worked as a journalist in Malaysia and Australia, two countries that played an important role in the case, undoubtedly helped me. I moved to Kuala Lumpur in March 2014. But it was actually for a two-page spread, after revisiting the subject a year later. world, it turns out that the official version of the facts (the U-turn after 40 minutes of flight and the ghostly flight that ended in the Indian Ocean) was absolutely unproven. So I decided to do some research through the first book published in French in 2016 (Flight MH370 not lost, Arenas). And I’ve been going ever since. As a journalist, I think it’s your job to investigate if you’re working on a piece of news that doesn’t sound believable to you (and isn’t “incredible” as it’s often said).

Fild: Are there any particular events that make you suspicious of the official version?

Florence de Changy: Quite simply the basic scenario, namely: Well we lost the plane “. The safest model in the world, a Boeing 777 that has carried millions of people since its creation and disappeared in one of the most controlled areas of the planet, that’s a problem! Convincing the whole world that you can simply lose an airplane of this size with 239 people aboard, and above all that you don’t know where it is. To say that is an insult to human intelligence. At a time when you can live with Mars and see an apple on the Moon! At first, I had no reason to doubt reliable sources. When the White House told you something, your first instinct would be not to think you were being led. So I was pretty sure, but provided that sooner or later real evidence is brought to us.It took me a long time to realize that the evidence for what was said simply did not exist.

“The plane disappeared because it was initially confused”

Fild: What inconsistencies did you find in this official version?

Florence de Changy: Honestly, I’m starting to get suspicious. And some little phrases that I kept in my memory came back to me without paying attention to them. I drowned in the crowd, not realizing their importance. First of all, the Chinese ambassador told the families of the Chinese victims that this is a case. very complicated” and they ” I do not understand”. In fact, you wouldn’t say such a thing if you really had no idea what was going on (which was the official theory for the first few weeks). A few months later, the Indonesian police chief told two major national media that he “really” knew what had happened to the plane. From my first report on the scene in 2014, I learned from people close to the government that the White House calls Kuala Lumpur every day. And at the time, a diplomat told me that the FBI was at Malaysia Airlines’ office on the day of the accident. Extraordinary, isn’t it? The nephew of the MH370 pilot told me a friend of mine who works in the Department of Defense said, ” I’m sorry about what happened to your uncle » saying that he and all the passengers, « collateral compensation”. But the term clearly implies a military operation gone wrong. The editor’s note, Ghyslain Wattrelos, a Frenchman who lost his wife and two of their three children, had contacted a high-ranking intelligence officer who told him the editor’s note – two Awacs – radar drones, the editor’s note – The Americans and the United States Attending” knew what it was “. It took me a long time to relate this information to information from a former American soldier who told me in a sentence that these devices have an extraordinary jamming capacity. Here is the key to disappearance: Initially, the plane disappeared not because it was immediately destroyed, but because it got stuck. It disappeared from radar screens, but I believe it continues to fly.

Fild: Your hypothesis lies precisely in the fact that the plane will be shot down by the Americans after an unfortunate maneuver, the purpose of which is to change direction in the direction of China to retrieve sensitive cargo. But what exactly happened?

Florence de Changy: Actually, that’s my conclusion and the scenario that makes sense to me, but I’m not sure yet. I think “Plan A” was a cargo seizure operation that was supposed to take place at 01:19, just after the plane disappeared from the radar screens. But it seems it continued to fly on its way for about 1h10. In exchanges between the control towers of Ho Chi Minh and Kuala Lumpur and the operations center of Malaysia Airlines, the transcript of which was made public, we can clearly see that the plane “reappeared” at 2:35. I was unable to communicate as long as it was encrypted. So when it reappears at 2:35 it’s because it’s no longer encrypted. But how to explain this resumption of contact? When we look at the map and evaluate the position of the plane, we see that it is approaching Chinese airspace. Therefore, we can assume that the scrambling operation by American Awacs should have been cancelled. The triangular communication exchange between the operations center trying to track down Malaysia Airlines’ aircraft and two air traffic control centers, one in Vietnam and the other in Malaysia, fully documents this “reemergence”. Immediately after the Kuala Lumpur air traffic control center’s announcement stating the plane’s position in flight (located in northeast Vietnam at the time), Ho Chi Minh air traffic controllers suddenly declared the plane “landing”. It is incredible to read these posts, which are meticulously documented in the appendices of the whitepaper report. This should be enough to prove that the official version is fully fabricated. If the plane had tried to land in the northeast of Vietnam at 2:38 am, it would not have crashed in the middle of the Indian Ocean at 8:19 am!

Unfortunately, the landing site is marked with four crosses meaning “inaudible” in the records… The plane undoubtedly faced an absolute emergency procedure and requested an emergency landing.
Meanwhile, a 02:43 message on the day of the accident claimed that an American aircraft stationed at U-Tapao – a Thai airbase to which the United States has access – intercepted a distress call from MH370. He made an emergency landing, saying, “The cabin is falling apart.” That’s exactly the word used when a plane is hit by a missile. This was the case for the Ukraine Airlines plane, which was hit by two Iranian bullets in January 2020. The authenticity of this message was confirmed by a Vietnam Airlines pilot who received the same distress call and spoke about it in the local press the next day. Therefore, the plane probably crashed in Vietnamese waters, where a cleanup operation was immediately launched a few minutes later. While Ho Chi Minh officially heads for research in the Gulf of Thailand, not on the northern coast!

Fild: With all these elements, how do you explain that the official version is still in circulation?

Florence de Changy: Dialogues between different control towers have been transferred to the official version: Therefore, I do not understand how someone dares to create a scenario from scratch and at the same time make these conversations public! How can we believe that the plane made a U-turn from now on? These proofs are written in black on white! But the whole world continues to ignore it… However, the official version that the plane will crash into the southern Indian Ocean only applies to celebrities. pings electromagnetic signals, editor’s noteInmarsat, a British satellite company whose technology was never used to locate a “missing” aircraft. But why did everyone agree that there should be total omerta around this issue? I’m not sure but it may be due to the nature of the famous cargo being transported on the MH370. The hypothesis I have given is that of very high-level negotiations. Of course, the guilty party could have “admitted” its mistake and paid (expensively). But it was also necessary to make a statement… As a result, the guilty party (which looks like the United States according to many indices) preferred to buy the silence of knowing governments, especially China. In the immediate aftermath of the MH370 incident, we are witnessing the extremely rapid militarization of the China Sea by Beijing, a real provocation that has definitively changed the geostrategic balance of the region, to which the United States has not responded for two years. However, this laissez-faire attitude is completely against the official US strategy against China. Is it possible that this is the price China is charging for the MH370 in exchange for its silence?

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