new satellite images of the terrain

We present you new satellite images of the war in Russia and Ukraine. These images, provided by Hala Planet, show, among other things, a new phase of the war with a clearly stated desire to target Ukrainian civilians to destroy Ukraine’s industrial infrastructure, as evidenced by the destruction of the Mariupol theater. Methodical shelling of the Azovstal metallurgical plant in Mariupol. These images also show Ukrainian attacks on sites captured by Russian forces, particularly Serpents’ Island or Kherson airport.

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War in Ukraine: satellite images showing us the truth on the ground

article Remy decor Published on 01/03/2022

The first satellite images, obtained a few hours after the start of the invasion and the Russian attack on Ukraine, do not show the full extent of the damage done by the Russian armed forces to the Ukrainian military infrastructure. But we can see the first effects. missiledestruction of buildings and equipment or acts of sabotage by Ukraine, for example, bridges.

An armed conflict between two nations has never been followed so closely and mediated by so many observation commercial and private. These satellite operators and Earth imaging companies provide intelligence and information to everyone – previously only governments had access to it and very rarely made it public.

Welcome to the new Space age

This conflict highlights their role. constellation Satellites, whose images show, in near real time, the conflict between Ukraine and Russia and the truth on the ground – official speeches or propaganda policies now have to take this into account.

But let’s not forget that all these satellite operators are in the market to sell geospatial data with high added value. However, if the images released for free to the media and the public are showing off each other’s abilities, you should know they can do so much better!

Consider the example of wide-field images provided by Planet. At first glance, it’s about covering a very broad area by presenting core interests. decisions Up to 50 centimeters! But did you know that Planet can view the entire land surface every day and observe the same place at different times of the day, in different spectral bands? We let you imagine all the services that result from this. In case of Ukraine conflict, Planet can observe almost in real time. the damage done Take an inventory of the state of road, rail and energy distribution networks by Russian forces, identify Russian forces, as well as detect minor changes or provide embossed video or images.

Russia-Ukraine: satellite images of the beer conflict

Article by Rémy Decourt published on 24.02.2022

Here are some “wide field” images obtained by the Earth-observing satellites of the planetary constellation, showing the impressive deployment of Russian forces on the Ukrainian borders.

Civil, scientific or military earth observation satellites are at the forefront of monitoring the deployment of Russian forces near the border. Ukraine. If satellite images of the most powerful military satellites, whose details can only be found in a few centimeters, do not come out clearly, private companies do not hesitate to show the truth in the field.

In fact, these mainly American companies maintain a fleet of several satellites in low orbit and broadcast images almost daily of impressive deployments of Russian forces alongside numerous military activities around Ukraine.autumn 2021.

Military space data accessible to everyone

This is particularly the case of the Planet company, which provides us with some of the satellite images it acquires every day. Some of these images have a resolution of 50 centimeters, making it possible to see objects at only 1.20 to 1.50 m! The images provided by Planet are perhaps not the best resolution ones, but thanks to the details that are possible to observe, and especially the repeatability of the observations, it is possible to have a global perspective focused on Russian military power. doors Apart from Ukraine movements Russian units.

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