new team, new start, who said it was on fire?

Spencer Dinwiddie, who transferred to Dallas during the trade period with Davis Bertans, arrived in Texas somewhat quietly. But for four matches, in the shadow of a gigantic Luka Doncic, the old Wizard has been doing well. Come on, just focus.

The move that sent Kristaps Porzingis to the Wizards in exchange for Spencer Dinwiddie and Davis Bertans was clearly unexpected, but for the Mavericks the goal was clear: get out of KP’s long-term contract to gain financial flexibilityWith $36 million player options for the 2023-24 season, . Disappointingly you will say that Bertans’ contract is also in good standing (80 million over five years), especially as it runs until 2025, but his annual salary does not exceed 17 million a year. It’s not the same delirium. And in the midst of it all, we find Dinwiddie (who has a three-year contract with 54 million through 2024, partially guaranteed last year) coming out of a rather complicated first episode of the season after being injured at the Wizards. Kneeling in December 2020. We were so hot that we told ourselves the Mavs had lost a bit sportingly because if the Porzingis experiment in Dallas hadn’t really worked out as Mark Cuban had hoped, the Unicorn Mavericks version didn’t have a nasty season with Jason Kidd. . Race results? Since Dinwiddie’s first appearance in his new colors on February 15, the Texans have won five of their six games, and their Brooklyn comeback is no stranger to success.. The starts were certainly sluggish (12 points total in the first two games) but since then, he’s been posting heavy with more than 60% averaging 18.8 points and 5.8 assists in his last four games. With 3% out of the parking lot and 73% in free throws, all this came out of the bench for almost 28 minutes. Who said it burned down in Washington?

“I wasn’t surprised. Frankly, I thought it would take him a little longer, but I wasn’t surprised at all. Like I said before, he’s a great player and it suits us very well. You see, it was really clutch.”

After the Mavericks beat the Warriors last night, Luka Doncic’s words speak for themselves. If Luka still finished with an insane stats table (41 points, 10 rebounds, 9 assists), Dinwiddie scored 7 of 17 points in the final quarter, really helping Steph Curry stand out against the group. He had performed particularly well against the Dubs at Chase Center a few days ago, with 24 points total, about 10 in the incredible fourth quarter where the Mavs came back to win despite being down 19 with ten minutes. All that says, without the former Brooklyn player, Dallas wouldn’t be on a three-game winning streak today. Clutch, very dexterous and clearly not afraid when it comes to taking responsibility, Spencer Dinwiddie brings elements that have long been missing in Dallas today.

Indeed, we have often pointed out the lack of creativity behind the metronome Luka Doncic. This was especially evident during the last Playoffs, so the Mavericks were expected to recruit in that direction in the final season. Other than that, the main recruit for the summer in Dallas is Reggie Bullock (not a creator’s profile), Tim Hardaway Jr. – a sniper first and foremost – was extended for $75 million. With the continued improvement of Jalen Brunson (average 16 points – 5 assists), Dallas can count on a solid leader alongside Luka, but Dinwiddie’s presence is still really good in terms of scoring and creating, especially as the 14 THJ points. infirmary after foot surgery – missing every night. Spencer is the kind of guy you can give the ball to and shoot when needed.. He is a born attacker who knows how to penetrate, shoot from mid-range and send a banderilla from afar. If he can hit the catch and hit, he’s a ball player first and foremost, and that’s fine because the Mavericks need it. They need Luke’s hands-on, one-on-one skills to take the pressure off him. While the experience in Washington hasn’t gone too well for Dinwiddie, there are many qualities that make coach Jason Kidd truly trust him today. He is now in a new universe where his qualities are greatly appreciated and exploited.

“Everyone on this team knows their role and is aware of their qualities. Of course everyone is optimistic and happy as we win, so I appreciate the praise, but most of all I would like to thank Jason Kidd, Luka Doncic and Jalen Brunson for helping me.”

–Spencer Dinwiddie

When Spencer Dinwiddie came to the Mavericks, some were already imagining a new trade scenario where Dinwiddie would be involved in the future, his contract was highly transferable. But today it’s making a real name for itself in Texas with its produce. I hope it lasts.