New trend in corporate gifts Homing


Consumers turn to a new philosophy of life

Back to the basics. The post-quarantine era has emerged importance of indoor living environment. Kantar research on French consumption confirms that their purchases are geared towards products to feel good at home. Thus, the house presents itself as a place of refuge where it is good to stay. Both living and working space had to be reinvented. Decorating, cooking, DIY, wellbeing and sport have nurtured this new art of living for body and mind. And for good reason: According to a Harris Interactive survey, 67% of French people feel like they’re in a cocoon at home.

Welfare and decoration lifestyle corporate gifts
This new way of living indoors has accelerated your desire to redevelop your home. Cozy corner or cocoon space: be inspired by this resolute “japandi” spirit originating from Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian natural decoration. Health and decoration products will elevate the rooms of your customers and employees. Candles, like essential oil diffusers, spread their fragrant scents, conducive to relaxation and serenity. they contribute create a warm atmosphere Home plaids and fleece blankets also have their share of comfort and softness: These are popular gifts during the winter season that encourage you to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate in front of a TV series. And what would our interiors be like without a vegetal touch? Pollutant green plants not only clean the ambient air, they are also living decorative elements with multiple virtues. In complete harmony with time, they will agree on your goal.

In terms of health and beauty, ritual rhymes with a Zen and organic spirit, through cosmetics containing naturally-derived ingredients and sports activities that can be done at home, such as light gymnastics or pilates. Yoga mats, rubber bands or gym towels will find buyers among your employees who are fans of physical exercises with known benefits. What matters here find personal well-being. This goes hand in hand with the desire to perfect one’s appearance and the craze for casual and cool clothing confirmed by the emblematic sweatshirt or hat.

Beauties that invite sharing and festivity
Spending time at home does not mean being isolated. Family and friends are important criteria for living well together. Festive moments around the game for example, make it possible to achieve a dual parent-child goal simultaneously, always in a positive play dimension. Board games, whether playing cards or more traditional games like dominoes and chess, are still on the rise today (+23% in sales according to the NDP Group). Another important moment to share: food. This French vitality craves healthy, local food more than ever. Whether around a snack, a barbecue or a family meal, cooks kitchen recipe and homemade too (+13.8% since 2020). Baskets full of local produce and other sweet or savory gourmet breaks made in France are welcomed by your good-seeking customers. On the transition between their homes and workplaces, they’ll appreciate the lunch box-cutlery combo in an insulated bag filled with the logo of your zero-waste-committed company. The bottle of water is gone, and welcome to the pitcher, the equivalent of the nomadic water bottle for work that we proudly display on the kitchen table. Kitchen accessories are in fashion, and home appliances are also in fashion. These are great ideas for corporate gifts to punctuate personal events in your employees’ lives.

A nod to remote working, office equipment is here to encourage employees to work in good conditions. Creating a dedicated workspace at home, such as in the office, facilitates concentration and satisfaction. Desk lamp, mini plant, office accessories (mouse pad, notebook, pen, notepad) are beauties that are used daily by your employees and will reinforce your remote connections. On the material side, we play on the natural spirit of wood, cork and neutral colors to associate these elements with an environmentally friendly company.

Gifts to escape and live new experiences
This self-absorption does not necessarily mean living like a hermit. Awareness of your inner universe sheds more light environmental concerns. Don’t we say be good with yourself to be good with others? This reflection made it possible to better (re)connect with the world and nature. It has pushed some people to new appetites, such as gardening, which is having a real boom. Mini symbolic tree seedlings and flower or plant seeds then become meaningful communication tools and are perfect for highlighting your approach to CSR with your employees and partners.

Experiencing new experiences is just as powerful as the pursuit of mobility, which is nevertheless always present. The fun of fiddling with, building something with your own hands says a lot about the success of do-it-yourself corporate gifts like these fun-to-learn sewing kits for all ages.

The desire to travel has preceded new solutions: virtual reality glasses, tailored travel accessories, anti-theft backpacks and even bike kits allow you to move differently (almost) and more easily.

Remember, the closer you get to your connections, the stronger and lasting bonds of trust and recognition you’ll build. It should be noted that 84% of purchases are imagined and decided at home. These carefully selected gifts can easily be transformed into corporate gift boxes that your employees and customers will receive directly at home. Thematic and signed versions of your identity are available, and the products selected will have considerable emotional and memorable value.