Nintendo Switch Sports: a family experience not to be missed?


Nintendo Switch Sports, scheduled for April 29, 2022, is the younger brother of Wii Sports as well as Wii Sports Resort. With the help of your joy cons, you will be able to try six different sports alone, with friends or family. In our preview, we give you our first feedback on the Wii Sports Club game’s successor.

  • Genre: Sports
  • Release date: April 29, 2022
  • Platform: Nintendo Switch
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Price : 39.99€

6 sports to relieve stress

The launch of Switch Sport will be packed with a few new features, but also timeless activities. The game modes we know very well (and continue to cause tension in our circle of friends and even in our family) include bowling or tennis. And completely new sports are emerging, such as football, badminton, and volleyball. Also, keep in mind that other sports will be revealed once the game is out, so new sporting activities like golf are pending, although the catalog doesn’t seem very comprehensive at the moment compared to the Wii Sports Resort.

This new version of Nintendo Sport will allow you to test your badminton, bowling, chambara, football, tennis and volleyball skills.

It is clear that grasping can be complicated at first, but after a few games, players will logically enter the game and be able to enjoy peacefully with their friends or online players. However, it would be possible to take advantage of a small training phase to allow some to refresh their memory and others to remember (or explore) the basics.



Get in shape with Switch Sports

Like the Wii, the joy cons will be able to understand your movements and allow your character to perform actions. For the chabara (formerly sword), for example, there are different types of protection and you need to watch your opponent carefully to counter as much as possible. Even if we are far from sports practice, we will realize that these little levers will have the benefit of getting us moving to relieve some stress.

Football is the sport that remains the most faithful to what we know at the moment, because we’ll have to use our legs to shoot (even if we’re moving with a second controller) and the most passionate players will want to make their role more realistic. as usual. On the other hand, keep in mind that Switch Sport is aimed primarily at the general public, as even kids can enjoy being successful in a badminton shot.



Alone or with others, anything is possible

Nintendo Switch Sport can be seen as a great way to have a good time with loved ones, but solo players can also be content with the online mode to find opponents in the world. However, even if you are alone and do not want to face opponents, it will still be possible to play against computers.

Each player will be able to create a character in their bust to impose on the screen; eyes, eyebrows, haircut, age-related features… Everyone can make their own Mii.

For example, when you go to play locally with four players, everything is done in real time and on a single screen. On the other hand, you will need at least two pairs of joy-cons to be able to enjoy all the activities in pairs. For example, for football, you will need a pair of joy-cons for each player, so if you do not have enough controllers, you will have to go to your video console dealer to get some, invite your friends.




While we wait for our test, we can still get a little idea of ​​the game. The activities are all very relevant and some sports are interesting and fun for all ages, even if it’s especially bowling and recycling. Football is starving us a bit with a game that seems slow or laggy due to the computers in our team. However, penalty shootouts have a small appeal that can create some tension during multiplayer games!

Nintendo Switch Sports, on the other hand, is the perfect game for the family, an excuse to get together and thus share a little sporty video game event. The game is ideal for playing with our loved ones and this is a great point to consider.

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