Olympic Games 2028: Are scooters and roller skating the new Olympic disciplines at the Los Angeles Games?

Being an Olympic champion is crazy !”: 17-year-old Esteban Clot believes, in the new spirit that skateboarding has initiated, that his sport, scooter, will be at the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. The debate is ongoing and he aims to follow the movement of skating urban sports.

Scooters and roller skates demonstrated in front of thousands of people during the Fise in Montpellier, an unmissable event for urban and extreme sports, in one of the two categories of skateboarding, a street park event (performing tricks in a park containing modules) that made its Olympic debut at the Tokyo Games in 2021. And the International Skateboarding Federation (World Skate) does not intend to stop there.

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We are currently in talks with the International Olympic Committee. Our DNA is an advantage because its urban DNA and with the help of host cities like Los Angeles (2028) or Brisbane (2030), we have a chance to do other sports in the future”, World Skate sports director Francesco Zangarini told AFP.

The scooter can be recognized by the Olympic movement

There are millions of young people in the world and it has been booming since last year. This is why the scooter was recognized by the Olympic movement. We’ve already presented this to the IOC, and we’ve already talked to them about Los Angeles.“, Zangarini states, is responsible for the development of World Skate’s 12 disciplines (135 affiliated federations).

a growing market

In 1996, Swiss Wim Outboker revived a scooter from his childhood. By the end of 2000, his company Micro was selling 80,000 scooters a day. Underlining that more than 50 million models have been sold since then, Micro France CEO underlined AFP, “The stunt scooter market, like all board sports, exploded during and after the pandemic in 2020 and 2021.A booming market, especially a young population, a strong presence on social networks: Arguments that could seduce the Olympics.

There are so many scooter riders that it seems strange to me that we won’t be there in 2028. (at the Olympics). Games have a side It should pay off’ and the trot isn’t bad for business. Honestly, all the little ones practicing, videos… I don’t understand why 2028 doesn’t have BMX, skateboards and trots.“He launched Esteban Clot, a 15-year-old pro. Still the biggest skateboard and scooter that’s been a victim of clashes with BMX, but he has to configure himself for a higher goal. What “work hard” Zangarini, whose Federation took over the scooter, while the International Scooter Federation (ISF) already exists.

On the other hand, there is much to be done in terms of equity in sport between men and women. During the Fise, there were no professional riders on the scooters. Inline skates, on the other hand, boast a very important female representation. “A sport honestly needs parity to make it into the Olympics. Skating can be preferred for this. What’s wrong with trots, there are ten girls in the world. It’s really a lot on roller skates”, Frenchman Manon Derien, one of the roller skate riders, cites the explosion in girls’ BMX freestyle level and participation since the Olympic tag.

Skating at the origins of track hockey and the creation of World Skate in 1924, skating exploded in the ’90s with the Rollerblade brand, and was at the bottom of the wave between 2002 and 2010. These last two, three years before returning have been moved by the very trendy return of ’90s fashion. But roller skates to get into the Games”should be more urban” Warns Zangarini, who has not lost hope for 2028. Then the Olympic Games will be in Los Angeles, a cult place for skating.

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