OMNISPORTS: A century later, the Olympic Games in Paris (18)


What is left of the 1924 Games? It should not be forgotten that these Paris Games in 1924 took place almost a quarter of a century after the 1900s, whose existence we have forgotten.

First of all, we should not forget that we are threatened with a kind of lethargy by our shuffling authorities, both to build new facilities and to prepare our athletes well. Unfortunately, the French is evil. You should know that two years ago, 1922The French Olympic Committee was planning to stop organizing the Games. Because, on the contrary, it is worth repeating. 2024The French capital was responsible for organizing the 1924 Games.

Fortunately, the French government came to the rescue, let’s repeat, at the request of Pierre de Coubertin, then a French citizen who was preparing to entrust the organization. Los Angeles. We had to act fast and the big project of building an amazing stadium on the Champ de Mars or Bois de Vincennes Abandoned. It’s a pity because today Paris will have excellent facilities. It was then necessary to build a stadium in Colombes. 60,000 spectators with the athletics track. But it is far from the city center, it will be used only six times a year and is unfortunately an uncomfortable stadium.

In his book, The Olympic Phenomenon, Gaston Meyer The great journalist at L’Equipe said that this hastily built stadium in Colombes keeps the people of Paris away from major sporting events. This was the number one failure of the 1924 Games, even if swimming meant taking advantage of the 50m long Tourelles swimming pool and the Vélodrome d’Hiver in Argenteuil, home to indoor gyms with a rowing pool. However, the second setback was financial, whereas at the sports level these Games were notable for results.

We’ve talked about Finn’s results earlier. Paavo Nurmi and American swimmer Johnny Weismuller later in the movie Tarzan. These Games broke attendance records: 3092 athletes, 44 nationals, 136 women Where was the first Olympic Village in history? A village made up of basic barracks but with the advantage of being close to the competition grounds. Financially, these Games failed because only 5000000 Some of the time was saved but France benefited from the real results because the champions were up for the event.

The main thing in sports is to participate.

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Three flags were seen hoisted on the pole for the first time at the closing ceremony: the Greek flag, the French flag and the Dutch flag. 1928 Games will happen amsterdam. Thus, we paid our respects to Greece, the cradle of the Games, and to the country that will organize the next Games. This Paris Games was also the last game of Baron Pierre de Coubertin, who was replaced by the Belgians in 1925. Henri de Baillet-Latour.

In today’s world, we often tend to make fun of this famous phrase from the Baron. stone kubertine: “ The main thing in sports is to participate“. He could certainly say that the main thing is to win, but not at all costs. in 1924 The word doping was not part of the sports lexicon. It was still pure sport.

A century later, the baron is still in our memories and we have stadiums and gymnasiums named after him all over France. It took a century before France and Paris were finally selected by the IOC. 2008 and 2012.

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