Omnisports. The new dynamic of the French Sports Journalists Syndicate

After 2014 and 2015, the mayor of Ribeauvillé, Jean-Louis Christ, hosted sports journalists for the third time, testament to his dedication and interest in the work of the Alsace chapter. “We have a culture of welcome and exchange here,” said Jean-Louis Christ. We have 110 associations with a population of 5,000, which is remarkable. We create social bonds at our own level.”

The USJF’s 85-member Alsace chapter (only 15% women) met just four months after the previous plenary session in Hoenheim.

Feminization, rejuvenation and new ideas

Despite the more than two years of covid epidemic, which has turned our daily lives upside down in general and the world of sports in particular, we wanted to meet last September because it was important to remember that our profession always knows how to be creative. . and sacrifice even at the height of the health crisis, where sports news is idle”, underlines Sébastien Keller, head of the Alsatian division.

This unusual date was also determined by the national calendar. The elective congress of the UJSF was indeed held in Sète last October. The outgoing chairman, Jean-Marc Michel, eventually succeeded in handing it over to a new team formed around honorary journalist Vincent Duluc. Set , now at the head of an association of 2,413 members nationwide. A small Alsatian delegation participated in the work of this landmark congress.

“Feminized, rejuvenated, open to new ideas, the Union has initiated some important changes in recent months,” says Sébastien Keller. Still, in recent years, relations with Paris have largely calmed down, to say the least, when it became clear that Vincent Duluc wanted to bring the districts and parts back to their rightful place. »

The sports world has regained its almost normal functioning in recent weeks with a lightened health protocol. The return of the public to Meinau, to Rhenus, in the lounges and around the bars is really good news. However, being able to work in press galleries almost everywhere required prior compliance with strict restrictions.

“This positive momentum should not overshadow the struggles that must be fought and the vigilance that must be displayed, as we members of the Union remind you in 1958, we were created to defend and protect its members in the exercise of their profession,” Sebastien warns. Keller. Our task is therefore to remain vigilant, as with the future Meinau site, where we have to fight, but in a calm spirit of dialogue, to secure a place for the new press box that meets our expectations. . »

We will also have to continue to work during work on a stadium whose renovation will be completed by 2025. In the upcoming transformation project, the same struggle will have to be given by SIG and Rhenus Sport.

“The UJSF will be mobilized to defend the interests of the profession every morning on the sole voluntary basis of those who read the newspaper, turn on their radio or television, their passion for sports, the quality of knowledge, according to the ethical rules that guide our serious, professional, noble profession”, Sébastien Keller’ I assure.

Memory and rewards

It was also a matter of memory, with a minute’s silence commemorating the death of Christian Lutz-Sorg, the reporter photographer of Latest News from Alsace, on 8 December.

Then, the awards that determined the athletes of 2021 were mentioned. The vintage is perfect with women’s empowerment, as two Olympic medalists Charlotte Lembach (Fencing) and Cleopatre Darleux (Handball) were named champion of the year respectively. and ambassador of Alsatian sport by the Alsace chapter of the UJSF. The awards ceremony will be held soon.

Regarding the life of the department, Sébastien Keller (DNA), Hervé Houot (DNA), François Namur (DNA) were re-elected on the committee for a four-year term; Jean-Marc Loos (L’Alsace) enters the committee, replacing Mathieu Lerch (L’Alsace), who is not seeking a new assignment.

Three years ago, the department relaunched the UJSF Award for best article and best sports photo. The 2021 edition will be held throughout the month of March.