“Only social democracy can unite the left”

Purchasing power is the first concern. What do you suggest ?

Wages rose more slowly than housing and energy costs. I’m going to start with a 15% increase and low wages in SMIC and start a big discussion with the social partners about the wage hierarchy, equal pay for men and women, and distribution of wealth because dividends bring so much in relation to the income business. . Work is at the center of my project because it affects society as a whole: purchasing power, but also ecology, school, hospital.

Are you in favor of introducing the four-day week?

I am not in favor of a general rule, of a great law. But unlike this government, which has legally closed the door to more favorable working time reduction agreements for employees, I will open negotiations in companies and branches to agree on economically viable provisions that go towards equality between employers and workers. Men and women and socially meaningful. If the four-day week is the solution to making a job less painful, more appealing, why argue against it?

If elected, will you reconsider the Labor Law and unemployment insurance reform?

Yup. Macron is a resilience without security for employees, a neoliberal vision of the 1980s-90s. The old labor law has made thousands of workers more insecure without access to payroll, credit or housing. I will take protective measures for all these workers who have become extremely precarious, independent only in name. Joe Biden is also returning to this system. France cannot be the low-cost and outsourced employment country that this majority has established for five years.

Will it take longer to recover the pension system?

It’s definitely too hard to say. I don’t want to reach legal age. The difficulty issue has been eliminated by Emmanuel Macron. The system should be fair to those who start early, have hard jobs, have cut their careers, which concerns thousands of women. When this government promises that pensions will end below 1,000 euros, in reality it will be for very few people, as the circumstances are many.

Unemployment is falling, whatever jobs are saved. What did Emmanuel do wrong?

It is enough to think that a country can be content to see a segment of its population that cannot make a living and is also stigmatized. The thought of Emmanuel Macron is always this: if the very well off get richer, the others will be better off. It is humiliating and leads to growing inequalities. If he is elected for the second time, he will take unprecedented measures of social violence and our country will not remain calm, parts like the yellow vests will live again. Then it will be a boulevard for populists.

Are calls increasing for the left to stay united in this presidential election?

These calls make sense, but we’ve seen it in regional meetings and we’ve seen it in major democracies: To unify, the left needs to be led by a social democrat. In 2017, left-leaning voters chose Macron. They are ready to come back because they see this president as a neo-liberal with a right-wing policy. But if this unity is not behind me, some will stay at home or vote for Macron again. We must get behind the central power that answers the dominant questions through the culture of the republic and advocates economic development based on the sharing of wealth and compatible with ecology.

Do surveys only give you 5% points?

Our compatriots are not in the countryside. Social democracy in this country represents much more than 5%. The left government exists across the country, has the means to run a campaign with the PS militants, European social democracy is on the rise. Look at Spain, Germany, Italy.

Are you in contact with Yannick Jadot, Fabien Roussel, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Arnaud Montebourg?

We have said everything, but the parties are arguing. I also support an ecology that is known for the notion that we cannot transform without social justice. For example, when the Greens say that the price of gasoline should be increased, I say that it should be reduced. As for Jean-Luc Mélenchon, I no longer know if he is really on the left. His political proposal cannot bring together the majority of the French people.

Numerous excursions to the regions

Anne Hidalgo heads to Mulhouse (Haut-Rhin) on Monday, where she, together with Mulhouse Alsace Agglomeration president Fabian Jordan and vice president Laurent Riche, visit KM0, a city project dedicated to digital, located on a former industrial estate. He will have lunch with local elected officials and supporters in Wittenheim before laying a wreath at the memorial for the mine victims, meeting with Sahel Vert, an association that fights dropouts, and visiting Stocamine. He will continue the day in Soultz with Marcello Rotolo before a public meeting in Wittenheim (the Albert Camus room at 7:00 pm.

The candidate will then be in Besançon (Doubs) for a meeting at Mandela headquarters on Tuesday, November 23 (19:00). Earlier in Audincourt, Audincourt mayor Martial Bourquin will have visited Flex N’Gate, a door and bumper manufacturer, together with Montbéliard alderman Eric Lançon and Exincourt mayor Magali Duvernois. He will meet elected officials for lunch in Baume-les-Dames, where he will attend a roundtable on education.

On Wednesday, November 24, Anne Hidalgo is expected to hold a meeting at the Solaure neighborhood center (19:00) in Saint-Etienne (Loire). “I did my first internship as a labor inspector in Saint-Etienne and Firminy,” she explains. At 11 a.m. he will attend a roundtable on health at work with associations and local elected officials, have lunch with young brewers and visit the Focal-JM Lab in Saint-Etienne.

Savoie will welcome the socialist candidate on Thursday, November 25. Here is the program of the day:

  • morning: series about shops
  • 12:00 – 13:30: Meet with elected officials from Bauges in Saint-Jean-d’Arvey on mountain work (guides, seasonal workers, resorts, etc.)
  • 14:00: Visit to Lescheraines cooperative
  • 15:15: Visit to the dairy farm of Sylvain Martin, president of the union Tomme des Bauges (La Compôte)
  • 18:30: Meeting in Cognin (fake room)

On Friday, November 26, the mayor of Paris is traveling to Avignon, Carpentras and Sarrians in Vaucluse.