Opening of La Malbaie project facilities


The official opening of the Chemin du Havre facilities was attended by a large number of dignitaries, collaborators and city council members. This project realizes the improvement of one of the most beautiful areas of the city while also meeting the entertainment and hospitality needs of the citizens and tourist clients of the City of La Malbaie.

This evening kicked off more than 130 events that will be available by the end of August. large-scale music shows, family evenings, [email protected] Classic mornings with Charlevoix artists in collaboration with Domaine Forget, cinemas in the Park in collaboration with Charlevoix Museum, nature encounters with GUEPE Charlevoix, sports sessions in collaboration with Club d’astronomie de Charlevoix, storytelling hours and starry evenings. Something that will interest not only all our citizens, but also visitors to our region.

“It is a great day for La Malbaie Project, whose facilities located in the heart of the city will benefit both tourists and citizens of our Capital. As well as facilitating intermodal travel across the region, this special location between the river and the mountains will enhance its cultural and event offerings through a varied programme. I am very happy to see once again the momentum FRCN can bring to such projects. MRC also salutes Charlevoix-Est’s commitment and thank all partners who contributed to this great success. »

Geneviève Guilbault, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Public Safety and Minister for the Capitale-Nationale region

“To attract and retain visitors, we must offer them attractions and activities that meet their expectations. The City of La Malbaie has shown a vision in this regard with this new center of culture and events by the river. “I congratulate him on this achievement, which will undoubtedly create important tourism by-products in the region,” said Caroline Proulx, Minister of Tourism and responsible for the Lanaudière and Bas-Saint-Laurent regions.

“Pointe-au-Pic was once the tourist gateway to La Malbaie. All the tools are now in place to help her regain her poise! La Malbaie has all this great potential and this new project will further enhance the great dynamism that characterizes the area! There are so many great entertainment, hospitality and cultural resources in our county! This shelter will be the spot.”

Caroline Desbiens, MNA, Beauport-Côte-de-Beaupré-Île d’Orléans-Charlevoix

“MRC is proud to contribute financially to the creation of this connecting place accessible to the entire population, thereby reaffirming the role of its proximity in regional economic development and the vitality of the environment,” says Ms. Odile Comeau. MRC de Charlevoix-Est noted that “approximately $380,000 has been allocated to the City by the MRC through the Regions and Ruralness Fund (part 2 and part 4) and the Capitale-Nationale’s Regional Fund for the La Malbaie Project.”

“Our mission as a cooperative is to contribute to the economic and social well-being of individuals and communities. The La Malbaie Project is a major economic project that will energize a very popular industry. It will also be a place of gathering and entertainment where culture can be expressed in all its forms. This is a project that will benefit the population of La Malbaie but also and certainly the neighboring municipalities and visitors to the area. For all these reasons, we are proud to support the City of La Malbaie in their efforts by donating $129,000 from the Fonds du Grand Mouvement, chairmen of Desjardins in the Charlevoix region.

“This place, intertwined with history, now deserves its reputation. We are proud to offer the infrastructure that improves the landscape and enables people to have enriching experiences. We also want this sector of Pointe-au-Pic to be the place where people can get the necessary information and means of transport to fully experience Malbaie and of course all of Charlevoix. »

Michel Couturier, Mayor of La Malbaie


  • The 5.5M project includes the construction of an event park consisting of a multimodal break, stage, agora, water fountains, petanque/horse courts, playgrounds and resting areas, and a path connecting the stop and the park.
  • The development of the Pointe-au-Pic pier is to restore access to visitors and allow traditional fishing to return.
  • Work began in April 2021 and finished in June 2022. The following companies designed and implemented the project: Duo Design, Gosselin & Fortin, Génie-Plus, FNX-INNOV, CBTEC and Construction Éclair.
  • The work chosen as part of the policy of integrating art into architecture is the work of artist Giorgia Volpe.
  • The project was made possible by the financial contributions of the following partners:
    • Ministry of Tourism
    • Canada Economic Development
    • Heritage Canada
    • Charlevoix transportation infrastructure management company
    • National Capital District Fund
    • gardens
    • Charlevoix-East MRC

Malbaie is bubbling!

The opening of the park and taking a break on the Le Havre road do not put an end to the development of the city, on the contrary, enthusiasm is felt due to the rapid development of many projects. Over 300 million will be invested in the city over the next few years. Consider the construction of the new Félix-Antoine-Savard school to be completed in 2023, the complete overhaul of the upcoming new hospital, rue Saint-Étienne between boul. de Comporté and rue Bellerive, the advancing Espace Hubert-Reeves project, even the development of an innovation center that will breathe new life into technologies. Keep an eye out for La Malbaie, you’ll hear it often though!