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Orange heatwave wake in Gers

Updated on 06/15/2022

Orange heatwave wake in Gers

According to Météo France, the very strong heat will continue in the coming days and will intensify more or less between Friday and Saturday, where we can record record values ​​both day and night.

In conjunction with local authorities, security and emergency forces, and approved civilian security troops, the governor therefore decided to implement the departmental ORSEC plan for high temperatures.
It requires vigilance and reminds you of good reflexes to adopt to protect yourself, avoid risky behavior, and take care of the health of the most vulnerable. This particularly early phenomenon involves risks for each of us: dehydration, heatstroke, as well as drowning and fires in natural or agricultural areas.
If you know people who are elderly, isolated, disabled or vulnerable, talk to them or visit them regularly and encourage them to register with each town hall’s registry to get help.

Correct reflexes for the best fight against the consequences of heat:

• Drink water regularly (1.5 l/day) without waiting for thirst;
• Cool and wet your body (at least your face and forearms) several times a day (foggers…);
• Eat enough and do not drink alcohol;
• Avoid going out during the hottest hours and spend a few hours a day in a cool place (cinema, library-media library, shops, museum, etc.);
• Avoid physical and sporting activities during the hottest hours (12 noon – 16:00) and in direct sunlight;
• Keep your home cool (close windows and shutters during the day, open them in the evening and at night if the weather is cool);
• Do not forget to regularly give your news to loved ones and dare to ask for help when necessary;
• Consult the Météo-France website ( regularly for information.
Above hot weather, sensitive people should not hesitate to seek advice from their doctor along with those around them, especially in case of a health problem or regular medication (eg dose adjustment).

heat stroke symptoms

• Headache
• Cramps
• Nausea

Hydroxition and suffocation risk

Hydrokiss is a common accident in the summer months. It usually corresponds to the sudden cooling that occurs after very rapid immersion in the water and due to the very large temperature difference between the skin and the water. This thermal shock can cause unconsciousness and drowning in water.
There may be several signs before hydration. Unfortunately, they are often neglected. These are: headache, cramps, anxiety,… All swimmers who experience the appearance of one of these symptoms should approach the beach and get out of the water as soon as possible.

Consult the department’s heat wave management plan


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