Orientation. Saint-Pierre Chanel private college and high school opens its doors to you on Saturday, May 21, between 09:30 and 16:30.


Back to school 2023 records:

6th gradeand : From Tuesday, November 8, 2022 (online reservation from Monday, October 17, 2022)
All other levels: from Tuesday, January 3, 2023 (online appointment from Wednesday, December 14, 2022)
Middle school

Bilingual possible from 6th grade

  • Latin or Chinese option available from 5th grade
  • “Horse riding” and “Golf” sports sections

Specialized lessons from 1D

  • Maths
  • chemical physics
  • Life and Earth Sciences (SVT)
  • Digital and Computer Science (NSI)
  • Economics and Social Sciences (SES)
  • Humanities, Literature and Philosophy
  • History-Geography, Geopolitics, Political Science
  • Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures (English)

Optional courses in Terminale

  • supplementary mathematics
  • Expert Mathematics

High school options

  • Art (visual arts or music)
  • Physical Education and Sport (Rugby)
  • Modern languages ​​(Chinese or Spanish)
  • Latin

digital app

In addition to notebooks and without giving up manual typing, all students have an iPad with access to digital textbooks and a host of apps that add educational value to teaching. Proper use of digital is at the heart of the project, with students and families raising awareness of the risks associated with new technologies.

Dual Degree Program

from 3rd gradeand or Second, Saint-Pierre Chanel students have the opportunity to prepare in parallel with the French Baccalaureate, the High School Diploma, the American baccalaureate equivalent. This three- or four-year online course is run in partnership with the Academica organization and allows students to make rapid and remarkable progress in English.

Aviation Initiation Certificate (BIA)

Aviation Initiation Certificate is a diploma given by the National Education. It is located at the point where education meets the world of aviation and space; A bridge between passion and intellect, knowledge and practice, professional and amateur, civil and military.

This certificate is awarded to Second-year students at the establishment for a weekly lecture (2 hours) on visits to aviation-related sites. Obtained during a final evaluation in June.

a complete education

Cultural openness is a strong axis of the founding project. Travels, linguistic stays, educational trips allow for a complete education of students. In addition, many clubs offered and then managed by the students themselves allow them to develop their initiative, autonomy and encourage coexistence. Chess, theatre, painting, sewing, tarot, sports etc. These are activities that students can participate in during their lunch break.

The most personalized help possible

Support, methodology sessions, pedagogical dialogue, tutoring of high school students for middle school students are the systems that provide the most regular and individual monitoring of students to support their progress and success.

Orientation Information Area

College and high school students have a special area rich in encyclopedic documents to make it easy for them to explore their higher education choices, trade and education courses. The orientation manager, head teachers and level managers are on hand to help them prepare for their future.

Equestrian sports division

In partnership with the Yutz Equestrian Centre, Saint-Pierre Chanel secondary school riders practice their passion three hours a week while practicing English in this bilingual sports section, which is unique in France, which is closed off with an equestrian accommodation in an English-speaking country.

Sports Department Golf

In partnership with the Thionville-Rive droite golf club in Basse-Ham, college students can explore, learn, and then improve in this sport section, accompanied by a state-certified instructor. Putting, little play, practice is no longer a secret for them!

Rugby Option – High School

Our high school students have the opportunity to experience various experiences by exploring the following applications during their education:

  • Rugby 7 (recognized at Olympic Event and University level) and arbitration.
  • Content of Cross Training and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Outdoor physical activities (Vosges and Haute Savoie) through courses lasting several days

Optional education offered by Saint-Pierre Chanel opens students up to culturally humanitarian (Cambodia, 2019), social (London, 2015 and Dublin, 2017) or environmental (Reunion, 2022) projects. These great people and sports experiences are additional value when enrolling in “ParcourSup” or major schools.

Chanel for climate

For three years, a group of high school students has met once a week to reflect on environmental issues. It is a suggestive force to bring the organization to a more sustainable and responsible approach and to be aware of ecological issues on a daily basis.