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It’s not always easy to find a different gift every year that will make your mom happy! If you don’t know how to get a gift on Mother’s Day, here is a small surprise list that will make her smile big!

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Every year you need something different, something useful, something to make her happy! But most of the time we are not inspired! Would you like to give your mother a more original gift than flowers, chocolates or beautiful jewellery? Look for e-readers, food processors or even electric bikes and opt for an unusual surprise. If you’re wondering what the best gift for Mother’s Day is, we have the perfect answer for you! Take a quick look at our comparison to find the idea to put stars in your mom’s eyes.

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Summary :

  • Apple Watch SE GPS for sporty moms
  • Dyson Corrale straightener for all hair types
  • Cookeo multicooker for the fan of good food
  • KOBO Libra 2 reader with large storage capacity
  • 6 speed Surpass Survaeville gray electric bike

Apple Watch SE GPS for sporty moms

01 Apple Watch SE GPS


Featuring a large Retina LTPO OLED display, this connected watch is an ideal gift idea for the sporty mom. It is water resistant and has built-in spot sensors that allow you to accurately monitor physical activity. Whether your mom is a fan of running, dancing, swimming or even yoga, she won’t soon be able to do without this smartwatch that lets you track her progress from one workout to the next. Your mom will also be able to listen to her favorite music and receive messages and calls with her Apple Watch.

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Dyson Corrale straightener for all hair types

02 Dyson Corral


Doesn’t your mom like the curls that frame her face? With this cordless straightener, she can style her hair in just a few minutes. Equipped with flexible copper plates, the device allows you to achieve perfect straightening as well as waves and curls. It is a smart straightener with 30 minutes of autonomy, offering three temperatures: 165 °C, 185 °C and 210 °C. This versatile straightener is lightweight and its weight is evenly distributed, so it’s easy to use and your mom’s arms won’t hurt! It comes with a heat resistant case.

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Cookeo multicooker with Extracrips lid for lovers of good food

03 Food


Does your mom like to cook? Let him discover new recipes by offering him a Cookeo! This smart multicooker has less than 100 pre-programmed recipes and a 6 liter tank. So your favorite cook will be able to prepare a meal for 6 people. Cookeo also offers 6 cooking modes: reheat, keep warm, steam, boil, brown and pressure cook. In addition, this model comes with the Extracrisp lid, which expands the possibilities as it allows frying, roasting, browning and cooking. The cookware is non-stick and dishwasher safe.

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KOBO Libra 2 reader with large storage capacity

04 Kobo Libra 2


This reader has 32GB capacity which can store many eBooks. It is easy to hold with its ergonomic design and page turn buttons. This e-reader takes advantage of Bluetooth technology, which is very practical for listening to audiobooks. In addition, the device offers an autonomy of several weeks. It is an ideal gift idea for night owls as it has a blue light reduction mode (ComfortLight Pro). The reader measures 14.46 x 16.16 x 0.9 cm and weighs 215 grams. As for the touchscreen, it has a resolution of 1680 x 1264 pixels.

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6 speed Surpass Survaeville gray electric bike

05 Overcoming Survaevillegrey


Does your mom like to go for walks? Pamper him with this city electric bike that is both stylish and comfortable with 26-inch wheels. It has a removable battery that provides autonomy of up to 40 km. As for the Shimano derailleur, it offers 6 speeds. Your mother will also have the right to choose between three forms of assistance. Also, this comfortable electric bike is equipped with front and rear light, bell, reflectors, fenders and luggage rack. Equipped with a steel frame, it is a light and convenient small trolley. It also has a central LCD screen.

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Why do we celebrate Mother’s Day?

Even though we have to celebrate our mothers every day, the traditional Mother’s Day was born in the United States in 1907. Founded by Anna Marie Jarvis, who wanted to commemorate her mother who passed away a few years ago, this celebration was met with great success in a short time. At the same time, the first Mother’s Day was held in the village of Artas in Isère, France. However, a century ago, Napoleon had already talked about the idea of ​​​​arranging a day for mothers to honor the mothers of large families.

In 1941, Field Marshal Pétain organized a new Mother’s Day to increase the birth rate and repopulate the country damaged by the First World War. Then the law of May 24, 1950 formalizes Mother’s Day.

However, this celebration of motherhood is much older! In ancient Greece, spring saw the Greeks as well as the Romans hold festivals in honor of Rhea, or Cybele, the mother of the gods in one of the two cultures. This tradition thus continued throughout the Middle Ages, as Christians dedicated the month of May to the mother of Jesus.

When is Mother’s Day in 2022?

In France, we celebrate mothers on Sunday, May 29 this year. Mother’s Day always takes place on the last Sunday in May, before Father’s Day, which is the third Sunday in June. Good to know: Mothers are not celebrated at the same time, depending on the country. For example, in the United States or Switzerland, Mother’s Day took place on May 8.

Mother’s Day: Top 5 gifts online

People who are wondering what to give on Mother’s Day often do research on the internet. And some categories get a special achievement! This applies to flowers, from large colorful bouquets to delicate small fragrant stems. Beauty products are also among the most popular gift ideas. Gift boxes, which are in the third place, please mothers of all ages. Clothes and accessories are also a good idea for Mother’s Day, which is always a delight. Finally, chocolate is a gourmet’s delight!

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