Our view of the 299 hp GTX version


Here is the launch time of the model that finally crowns the ID range. The 100% electric models, which have a special place in the Volkswagen catalog, have a very distinctive special design. We discovered this ID.5, the cut version of ID.4, in the summer of 2021. Coupe SUVs are a way to enrich the range at lower cost, and the VW group does not hesitate with the Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron, the Skoda Enyaq Coupe and hence now the ID.5. With its reworked shields, large 19- or 20-inch wheels, and a receding silhouette underlined by the black roof, everything looks great but remains pretty big visually. The dimensions of the car are very close to the dimensions of the ID.4. only 2 cm taller (4.60 m).

VW ID.5 rear
With an overall length of 4.60 m, the ID.5 exceeds the ID.4 by only 2 cm.

Equipped with a large 77 kWh battery, the ID.5 is available in three power levels: 174 hp (Pro), 204 hp (Pro Performance) and a powerful 299 hp engine for the all-wheel drive GTX version. synchronous house at the back, asynchronous at the front, powered by Magna. That’s enough to provide a leading technical sheet for this best-in-class model.

Volkswagen ID.5 GTX Price

With an entry ticket set at €51,450, ID.5 is in a much higher position than ID.4 from which it is derived. This represents a €10,000 jump (excluding bonuses) compared to the entry price with the more modest battery and motor, and €3,500 more than the equivalent GTX version knowing that the ID.5 includes more hardware. Unfortunately, at this price level, the aid from the ecological bonus is limited to €2,000.

In the GTX version, the price rises to € 57,950, A regular amount for a non-premium vehicle. Fortunately, the standard equipment of the ID.5 series is very complete, for example navigation, heated seats and adaptive cruise control. However, residents of colder regions will have to go through the list of options (€ 1,100) to add a heat pump, which is very useful for optimizing heating consumption.

Autonomy and recharge time of ID.5

With a well-known MEB platform and a useful 77 kWh battery, the ID.5 should not be a big surprise in terms of its autonomy. We found it during our testing an average of 19 kWh consumption on the road, This version is given for 489 km of WLTP autonomy (513 km on the Pro model), while allowing you to easily cover 400 km in quiet driving. On the highway, it would logically be necessary to cross your fingers to curb their ambitions and find functional high-capacity terminals. On this GTX version, the maximum DC charge is 150 kW (135 kW on Pro versions), providing a 5% to 80% charge in just 36 minutes theoretically, while on an 11kW AC terminal it takes 7 hours and 30.

VW ID.5 charger
The GTX version benefits from fast charging boosted to 150 kW.

Next, Volkswagen will launch a new Plug and Charge feature that will allow the terminal to automatically recognize the vehicle without the need to use a charge card, as Tesla did. The user’s account will then be directly debited. The ID.5 also initiates bidirectional charging, which offers to re-inject energy into the electrical grid whenever possible and when the vehicle is not in use. Finally, the ID.5 features a new smart route planner with the latest version of the ID 3.1 firmware.


Volkswagen ID.5 driving position
Pleasant driving position and smooth controls encourage relaxed driving.

With 299 horsepower and a torque of 460 Nm distributed to all four wheels, very sporty performances can be expected in harmony with the treatment of the bodywork (aggressive shields, integrated spoiler). Unfortunately, even if 0 to 100 km/h in 6.3 s is a good number in absolute terms on paper, The ID.5 GTX doesn’t give the impression of gluing its passengers to the seats. However, after the first reaction of disappointment, you quickly realize that the essential is there: very generous times that let you pass in the blink of an eye, impeccable motor skills and, above all, preserved comfort.

He said make no mistake. As for the very successful badged models from the R Line, S Line, and other sports brands, it’s more about looks than playing real radical cars, even if the mechanical definition is more solid. And that fits very well with the car’s spirit, which offers exceptional comfort, hardly bothered by the highly present rolling noises. Mode B allows the regeneration level to be boosted while raising the foot for a smooth turn-to-turn ride, but this remains at much lower power than found on some rivals.

Volkswagen ID.5 coupe
The ID.5’s “fastback” line is visually highlighted by the standard black roof.

Our equipped test car Active suspension and large 21-inch wheels have always treated our spines well and ensured a very comfortable ride even in Sport mode on quality roads in the Austrian Alps. There’s no need to increase the speed too much, radars are ubiquitous in the magnificent landscapes being traversed. The smooth behavior of the heavy VW SUV (more than 2.2 tons!) is noteworthy. But there is no apparent sportsmanship at this level either. And while the brake pedal attack lacks consistency, Dosage remains precise.

Even more frustrating, the instillation of the front engine undermines the good maneuverability appreciated in other versions: from a turning diameter of just 10.20 m, we go to 11.57 m for our GTX version. Maneuvers can be made easier with the new automatic parking system with memory, which can follow the same route from a selected GPS point on its own. For example, in front of the entrance to his garden. A practical function already seen in BMW, but with limits in bad weather. As cameras are used to secure maneuvers, if their visibility is reduced this will hinder this function.

On board

ID.5 screen

The instrument cluster is taken from ID.4 and includes the large 12-inch display as standard with the Discover Pro Max system.

Volkswagen ID.5 rear seat
In the rear seats, the space available is pretty much the same as in ID.4: generous!
Volkswagen ID.5 seat
Integrated seats are part of the Top Sport option on the GTX.

Do you know the inside of ID.4? Then you know ID.5! Unsurprisingly, the very simplified instrument cluster and the layout of VW’s spacious interior with signature electric SUV carry over here, with just a few presentation details for our black themed GTX version with red stitching. This does not make up for too much basic plastic even at this price level, the assembly quality remains very satisfactory.

That’s why we quickly find screens with uncomfortable ergonomics, including comfortable front seats, large glass surfaces that let in lots of light, ubiquitous storage and… the latest evolution of the remotely updated in-car system (3.1). Too many submenus make the infotainment system difficult to use. New audio functions are triggered accidentally and sensitive buttons on the steering wheel sometimes become unresponsive.

Volkswagen ID.5 GPS
The new trip calculator with integrating charging breaks looks well thought out.
Volkswagen ID.5 trunk
The trunk gains several liters in passing and reaches a volume of 549 liters.

The special architecture of the MEB electric platform optimizes the available space with a flat floor and provides ample leg and headroom for the rear passengers, thanks to the reduced headroom of just 12mm compared to the ID.4. The body also does not suffer from the transition to a coupe body with about 550 liters. Enough to allow the ID.5 to retain all the advantages of the SUV family on which it is based.


There’s no shortage of electric SUVs on the market playing coupes with a streamlined roofline. Starting with VW group models: Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron and Skoda Enyaq Coupé, both have higher prices for equal motorization and battery. Slightly more efficient and durable, the Kia EV6 offers a slightly higher price in the GT Line AWD 325 hp version (€59,790).

As for the Ford Mustang Mach-E range, the decidedly more dynamic 76 kWh and 269 hp AWD model is priced at €63,500 or €5,500 more than VW. Finally, the more coveted Tesla Model Y (€62,990) offers more power, autonomy and trunk space, adding a unique presence to the brand’s valuable charging network.

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