Paris 2024: Olympic Village on schedule but sensitive to inflation


We are 19 months 8 days away and will be on schedule to get the job done. “, recalled Nicolas Ferrand, managing director of the Olympic works distribution company (Solideo) on Monday. During his visit to the construction site of the Olympic and Paralympic village, located between the municipalities of Saint-Denis, Saint-Ouen and Ile-Saint-Denis, the manager insisted as usual : ” The good news is we’re on schedule. »

Fluorescent orange anorak and helmet didn’t hide that he was alive” instant cold sweats last March and April When news from China, where the industry is idle due to Covid, and Ukraine, which was attacked by Russia, increased fears of material shortages, especially wood, steel, locksmithing. ” With one of the builders, the suppliers terminated the contracts “, he declared.

4 billion euro budget

The situation calmed down in April after Solideo interviewed each of the project owners to ensure they were expecting supplies by the end of 2022. We do not work on substitute materials “, the detailed admin, noting that the site is currently running 5 days a week.

As for the costs, it is clear that they will depend on the raw material inflation in the construction and construction sector. ” We have been given a budget in current euros for 2016 (at the application stage) and we are fulfilling our commitments. He remembered Nicolas Ferrand. But he acknowledged that in the current euro, more payments would be necessary.

With an initial budget of 3.2 billion euros, Solideo now has a budget of 4 billion euros, 1.5 billion of which is public money. It is subject to a second review by the Court of Accounts. The publicly traded company is in the process of answering hundreds of questions asked by financial judges. Second, it will return copies to Parliament at the end of the year, at the same time as the report on the Paris 2024 committee.

Works will be completed by the end of 2023

We will deliver the keys of the village to OCOG in February 2024 “, chained Nicolas Ferrand. In fact, Solideo needs to complete all the work by the end of 2023 so that two months of Paris 2024″ remove all reservations “The committee will then be responsible for arranging rooms for the 14,000 athletes and coaches who will be settled.” The Australians claimed the ground floor without any interior partitions. “, underlined the Olympic and Paralympic village manager, Henri Specht. The National Olympic Committees do not yet know their location and are in talks directly with the OCOG.

In November 2024, after the Paralympic Games, Solideo will retake the village where around 6,000 inhabitants and employees will settle in 2025. All the shops will already be there and will be the subject of local communities later on. “, chained Nicolas Ferrand. Currently, buildings are designed according to post-Games logic and population acceptance. The ground floors are therefore designed to host sports and extracurricular activities.

In Lyon, an urban forest is planned in public spaces with the planting of a thousand trees and 7,000 saplings currently in a nursery. The environmental strategy is reflected in parallel with the priority use of low carbon concrete and wood. “We show that the transformation of the construction sector in the logic of environmental requirements is now possible without waiting for 2030. ‘, finished Nicolas Ferrand.