Peres in the dragon case, parachute accident, Ukraine conference


Much of the news in New Caledonia this morning is at the heart of a conference at the university this evening, with a symbolic lawsuit being filed on the weekend marked by this parachute accident or the Russo-Ukrainian war.

At the center of this extraordinary case: Orthopedic surgeon Olivier Peres tried to assassinate his neighbor Eric Martinez at the Tina golf course in Nouméa on September 13, 2018. Five days of hearings, 29 witnesses, four experts… and unusual in such a situation, the defendants will be released in the Nouméa court. He is facing life in prison.

A dramatic parachute accident occurred over the weekend in the commune of Bourail, Poé. A 47-year-old Japanese woman fell about 200 meters from shore on Saturday afternoon. The victim was experienced, with more than 1,500 jumps to his credit. He was jumping from an altitude of 4000 meters with his own equipment, but for reasons that have not yet been determined, he did not open his parachute. Read here.

Closed today, Isle of Pines dispensary. Only emergencies will be met. The southern state is the decision taken after the doctor’s home in Vao was burgled last week. The agency said in a press release that this closing day should allow the executive to work with teams and hierarchy over actions to be taken.

Two congressional committees are examining a bill from the country on the ecological pass tax this afternoon. The text includes reallocating the funds raised to fund the SMTU, the Joint Urban Transport Association, which is in the open today and has had difficulties voting for a balanced budget before March 31. The tax currently aims to finance the future SLN power plant.

Investigators from the health and social institution are on site. 5,400 households will be visited by 30 inspectors. The questionnaire, which should last 45 minutes, will focus on addictions, diet, physical activity or mental health, among others. This new study will make it possible to follow the evolution of adults’ behavior and health habits. This field study will end in May.

In international news, Vladimir Putin does not give up. In a long phone call, Emmanuel told Macron that the Russian president is determined to achieve his goals, whether through negotiation or war. There is no significant progress, the time is serious according to the President, who reiterated his determination to achieve a ceasefire and create humanitarian corridors in Ukraine.

The Russo-Ukrainian war is at the center of a public lecture at the University of New Caledonia this evening. Hugo Flavier, lecturer in public law at the University of Bordeaux, will discuss its genesis, down to possible consequences. At 6:00 p.m. in conference room 400 at UNC.

A new episode in the TV news to discover from tonight. One of the Caledonian municipalities, titled Chez nous, has a week’s worth of reports decline. Starting with Farino.

Virginie Ruffenach, a spokesperson for the support committee for candidate Valérie Pécresse, is the guest of the morning.

Claudette Trupit welcomes women who participate in sports, charitable and religious associations on the occasion of the fifty-year women’s movement of the Souriant village mélanésien, celebrated on March 8 at the Tjibaou cultural center in Nouméa. Questions pay, a show to watch right after the noon news.

The official campaign for the renewal of the Wallis and Futuna land council in the region begins today. On March 20, approximately 6,700 voters from the two islands will go to the polls to elect 13 elected from Wallis and seven elected from Futuna. 19 lists compete in Uvéa and nine lists on its sister islands.

Towns that suffered deadly flooding last week were preparing for more downpours yesterday. The Australian meteorological office has called for caution as severe thunderstorms and massive flooding are expected in Queensland, where eleven people have died. A sudden rise in water levels was expected in Brisbane. Heavy rain, large hailstones and strong winds were also expected to sweep New South Wales. The flood death toll rose to five after the body of a man was found in the state on Saturday.

Swimming in solidarity with women victims of violence and their children accompanied by the Béthanie home. More than 450 participants hiked the odometer on the 24-hour Cercle des nageurs caledoniens in Noumea this weekend. At the end of the struggle: 601 km and 466,676 francs were collected.