Peugeot 408, we know the release date!


Aslan brand confirms that its new car, Peugeot 408, is approaching. The highly anticipated model will be unveiled in the coming days.

It is one of the most anticipated models of 2022 this year. Peugeot 408 has been leading controversy for weeks around the style and release date. The French manufacturer announced the introduction of this new model today. will take place at the end of June. In addition to this confirmed launch date, Peugeot also gives some information about this new 408.

Towards a brand new model for Peugeot

“Unexpected”Aslan brand defines its new 408 with this term. The car will be unveiled for the first time next Junesuggesting a Marketing for late or early 2023. In addition to the launch date, Peugeot also confirms that the 408 will be a new model for the brand. First of all, Peugeot is the 408’s in terms of exterior design. “It uniquely combines the characteristic codes of SUVs with the dynamic silhouette of the Fastback”. The 408 brings an unprecedented “Allure” to the Peugeot family.

In style, the latest released images of 408, SUV style vehicle which will rest on the base of the new 308SW. So the Peugeot 408 will cover many parts of the 308. Especially the front and doors. The back will be very embroidered with this style “quick back”. 408 bets on a sporty style with a reduced glass surface, an aggressive face and a very sloping stern. By size, This future model will have a length of between 4.50 meters and 4.70 meters.. The wheelbase will be close to 2.74 meters.

Peugeot 408 will offer unprecedented onboard technology

Regarding the inner universe of this 408, Peugeot the pursuit of high efficiency and the desire to offer new experiences in your new vehicle. According to our information, the interior will have a stylish, modern and neat finish to meet the first class standards of the market. 408 should take over the small double flat steering wheelBesides the i-Cockpit, with 10 digital counter blocks (with 3D screen). 10 touch screens will also be part of standard equipment and 408 It will take over all the comfort equipment found in the 308. The same for driving aids, with the possibility of equipping it with the excellent night vision system (Night Vision). This system was designed for the 508 and 5008 so far.

Towards a purely hybrid engine?

That’s one of the fundamental questions about the Peugeot 408, what about its engines? in our edition Automatic Plus No. 1737 We have already said that from December 2021 the 408 can be equipped with a 130hp 1.5 BlueHDi diesel engine, a 110 and 130hp 1.2 PureTech petrol engine, and most recently the 180 and 225hp PHEV rechargeable hybrid engine. But Peugeot may choose to offer only one plug-in hybrid engine and put aside thermal motors, as stated in the brand’s press release. Finally, the French manufacturer can also take advantage of the EMP2 V3 base that equips the new 308. 100% electric motorisation.

Therefore, several questions remained regarding the new model of the lion brand. They will be removed in the coming days. Regarding the price of this future Peugeot 408, according to our estimates, at least 30.000 €. It’s also a price that can easily go up to €50,000.

The latest confirmed information is that the new model will be produced in France at the Mulhouse site.

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