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Inter Miami head coach Phil Neville believes he can save a successful season after his former team Manchester United have been impressed by the unity they have shown in recent weeks.

The Red Devils have gained momentum in the Premier League with their recent wins over Leeds and Brighton, but will have to maneuver through a tough fixture list with Manchester City, Tottenham and Liverpool in March.

Neville believes the criticism the team has faced in recent months has brought the team together.

“I read the other day how many points United have scored since then. [Ralf Rangnick] I think the results probably went unnoticed when you thought United got their attention,” said Neville. Sky Sport News.

“They build a lot of confidence and they build on a lot of good results, I watched the game against Leeds and thought they played great.

“They received a lot of criticism, individually and collectively, but it seemed to tie them together and it would always be the test.

“There was a lot of noise from Old Trafford but it seems that it brought them closer. No matter what country you are in, the teams that are together the most are the ones that are most successful.

“To me they gain a lot of confidence and they still have a chance to win the Champions League and be successful in the Premier League.”

“Beckham wants success and I have to achieve it”

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Inter Miami head coach Phil Neville has said that despite their close friendship, his relationship with club owner David Beckham is “professional” when it comes to football.

In Miami, Neville works closely with his close friend and club partner, David Beckham.

The two share a special bond at Manchester United, but despite their closeness, Neville realizes that friendship is no substitute for results.

When asked how he manages his relationship with Beckham on and off the court, Neville replied, “Professional, professional. Our relationship won’t change because of a bad result, success or failure.

“We are close friends, always have been and always will be, but I have known David for a very, very long time and the management group has guided me to bring success to this club.

“If that succeeds, which I truly believe, it will be fine, but if it doesn’t, it will want to succeed whether I’m a manager or not.

Phil Neville will strive to complete last season's 11th place.
Phil Neville will try to improve his 11th place last season with Inter Miami.

“We have a professional respect for each other and sometimes we didn’t play well last year… he was a huge support to me and that’s all you can ask for as a manager.

“People kept telling me the downsides of having a friend as an owner, but it’s been a huge plus for me so far and I’m sure it will continue to be so.”

“MLS is one of the hardest leagues in the world to play”

Phil Nevil is prepping his roster ahead of MLS's return this weekend.  (Credit: InterMiami)
Phil Nevil is prepping his roster ahead of MLS’s return this weekend. (Credit: InterMiami)

Miami finished 11th outside of the playoffs in the MLS Eastern Conference last season, but waiting for this campaign, Neville has a whole new team to shape on his own.

With 19 players leaving this summer and 13 new players this summer, including former Premier League reserves Kieran Gibbs and DeAndre Yedlin, Neville’s main focus is improving last season’s finish.

DeAndre Yedlin transferred from Neville to Inter Miami this winter.  (Credit: InterMiami)
DeAndre Yedlin transferred from Neville to Inter Miami this winter. (Credit: InterMiami)

“Last season’s results weren’t nearly as good as I’d like. The challenge of succeeding in this league is as good as any challenge in my coaching career,” Neville explained.

It’s one of the hardest leagues in the world to play, coach and be successful in, and that’s the beauty of this league.

“The challenge this year is we want to have a better second season and be successful with the ownership we have, and I want to be the coach that brings success to this team.”

Neville took over the MLS squad in January 2021 and this has been tough as the pandemic meant he was unable to go to England to see his family. However, it gave him the chance to fully embrace life in America.

“My family and I are very well settled. “My daughter is at school, my son is at the football club and my wife is happy here, which makes a huge difference.”

“The original plan was for me to come alone and it scared me in broad daylight.

Phil Neville is looking to improve on last year's 11th place.  (Credit: InterMiami)
Phil Neville is looking to improve on last year’s 11th place. (Credit: InterMiami)

“I miss my mother and sister too, I’ve seen my mother for five days in the past year and a half, but now that we’re out of the pandemic, we can start sharing our lives with our family here.

“I got immersed in life here, one thing we said if we really wanted to be successful here was that we had to be totally committed, and so did my family.

“I’ll be back in England one day but hopefully not in the near future. MLS is one of the toughest and best leagues in the world and I want to stay here for a long time.”