Presidential election / Montpellier: Health measures taken for the smooth functioning of the ballot paper

Mask, hydro-alcohol gel, plexi glass... the measures taken in the boxes.
Masks, hydro-alcohol gel, plexi glass… Precautions taken in the boxes. (©CN / Metropolitan)

as part of presidential election scheduled for 10 and 24 April 2022, City of Montpellier implements appropriate sanitary measures to ensure the smooth functioning of the ballot. In addition, since the last elections, some polling stations they moved. Finally, for those unable to travel to vote, proxy it is always possible.

Strengthened health measures

The chests will be cleared according to a predetermined protocol before they are opened and after the elections before they return to their normal use. A team of municipal staff will be mobilized to clean the surfaces several times a day, especially those that come into contact with voters.

The Municipality of Montpellier implements the recommended sanitary measures and State-provided protective elements at each polling station. Thus, members of polling stations will be available: hydro-alcoholic gel, surgical masks, including polling staff, inspectors, and care staff for voters who don’t have them.

The Municipality of Montpellier also provides: disinfectant wipes, a sufficient number of paper towels, packs of paper towels, plexiglass protective screens for secretary and auditor desks, plexiglass ballot box protective screens, regularly disinfected pens for users who do not have them.

Chests moved

Since the last elections, several polling stations have been moved or created. The relevant voters were informed by sending new voter cards showing the address of their current ballot boxes to their homes. Here is the list of relevant ballot boxes:
office 90 : New location in Cervantès kindergarten, 91, rue Charles Bonaparte.
office 100 : New location in Berthe Morisot primary school, 60, avenue d’Assas.
office 102 : New location in the Bernard Jouanique gym, rue Jacques Dalcroze.
office 123 : New location in Juan Miro primary school, 110, rue Sabine et Miron Zlatin.
office 138 : new office section 25, Gymnase des arts, 36, rue de la cavalerie.
office 139 : new office section 131, Marguerite Yourcenar kindergarten, 71, rue Jean-Joseph Laborde.

voting by proxy

Deputies are waiting outside the Comédie police station.
Deputies are waiting outside the Comédie police station. (©PB / Metropolitan)

For those who cannot come to vote, it is always possible to deputize a voter. This power of attorney can be filled in online at and becomes valid after identity check at the police station or gendarmerie (additional information at It is a step that may take time due to the high participation rate.

As in every election, it is recommended to make a power of attorney as soon as possible due to the delivery and processing times of the agent. Indeed, if the city council does not receive your representative on time or does not have the time to consider it, you run the risk of not being able to vote.

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> Practice : As a reminder, voting in Montpellier is open from 8 am to 8 pm. Voters are invited to choose off-peak times and avoid peak times for going to polling stations: 10:00-13:30 and 15:30-18:00.

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