Press says ‘Make it or break’ Macron

Paris (AFP) – Monday’s “Make it or break” headlines Le Télégramme question President Emmanuel Macron’s camp’s ability to secure an absolute majority in the second round of the legislative election against Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who is now his number one rival.

“Macron is towards a narrow majority,” believes Le Figaro, looking into the distance under the portrait of the President on the front page, looking worried.

In Courrier Picard’s cartoon, Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s Emmanuel Macron, caught in the rough waters, under mocking stares, says, “Quick dam!” Says.

“Withdrawal and indecision”, the headlines of La Voix du Nord raise “doubt about the absolute majority of Emmanuel Macron”.

The “weakened majority” makes serious headlines in the daily Les Echos. “La Nupes is on par with the presidential majority,” writes Le Monde.

Parisian / Today in France predicts “Macron: A week to grab the absolute majority” under the portrait of President Macron surrounded by Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Marine Le Pen.

“Despite the breakthrough in Nupes, Jean-Luc Mélenchon is not in a position to claim Matignon,” the newspaper says.

L’Humanité has a diametrically opposite analysis: “Nupes can already be proud of having won their line as the main opposition force. According to Sebastien Crépel, starting to imagine Jean-Luc Mélenchon in Matignon.

“A first half in the form of a third round. Last night, Jean-Luc Mélenchon had already won some of his bet: to establish himself as the main rival of Emmanuel Macron after the presidential election. France’s boss rebelled to win the next. On Sunday, a raucous the showdown he forced Macron at the end of the campaign”, analyzes Franck Buchy in Latest News from Alsace, for himself all guesses remain open.

“Mélenchon’s poker winner”

“From the Macron tsunami of 2017 to Mélenchon’s winning poker in 2022” parallels Olivier Biscaye in Midi Libre, evoking “a France that turns its back to throw itself into the arms of the other”.

Titled “Left turn,” Liberation selected a photo of Nupes with his arm raised in the Paris headquarters on Sunday’s election night.

“It will be difficult for Macronie to get an absolute majority,” the left newspaper rejoices, which could result in a relative majority in the face of fierce parliamentary opposition embodied by Mélenchon and Nupes.

“La Nupes rejoices together and challenges together”, writes Le Progrès.

“Unlike 2017, the hemicycle will probably no longer be in the hands of Emmanuel Macron,” adds Stéphane Vernay from Ouest-France: “Elysée will have to relearn how to deal with all opposition to avoid blockades (..) for democracy. not bad news”.

anesthesia campaign

Some newspapers point to the lack of commitment of President Macron and his party as one of the sources of voter frustration and abstention.

“Emmanuel Macron’s strategy of numbing the campaign by relying on his opponent’s weaknesses has clearly deceived no one,” criticizes Isabelle de Gaulyn in an editorial for La Croix.

At La Montagne, Florence Chédotal welcomes Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s “tour,” sums it up, “Emmanuel Macron, who certainly thinks he can dodge this election but can take action in the final sprint, is unsure of getting an absolute majority and unleashing the reins.” force” “is about going from third to first in two months and arranging a Macron-Mélenchon match”.

“We know that the National Assembly will present a much more pronounced counter-power. At best with a better balance, at worst with inaction and inhibition. Even the street,” the editor continues.

“Beaten and defeated, Macronie? Absolutely not,” relativizes Christophe Hérigault in the new Central-Western Republic.

“Just because the number of first-round votes won’t turn into a majority the following week. That’s the main difficulty in understanding a national election divided by 577 local votes,” he recalls.

In any case, the emergence of Nupes as the “first opposition force” could “significantly change the atmosphere in the half-cycle”.