Pro D2 finale: it was Bayonne’s rage


At the end of a full match, Bayonne imposed rugby of a rare quality, as is rare this season. Montois, mouth bewildered, could not show his usual face.

Being there at the right time is characteristic of champions. Bayonne will have beaten her on D-Day by recording her third score of the season after Rouen (53) and Oyonnax (52) despite losing to her hapless opponent twice. It was difficult for the brave Montois, who certainly did not deserve such a correction. ” I feel sorry for the players! » Patrick Milhet’s book. But Rowing was untouchable on this day of the final.

It is on this great day that the people of Mons present themselves in “hestayres” (party dresses) in accordance with their image. But the word for the end will go back to “festayres”, the “bayonnaise” nuance. Faced with the wind in the first period, the Basques occupied the Mons camp… and scored.

Fronts first, welded, as strong as ever. And now, moments later, the man in the form of the moment, Afa Amosa, embodies the business of the pack. On the contrary, nothing is true. The little genius Léo Coly barely misses a well-placed target. Before continuing after a few minutes. The first Stade Mons, always available in the season, cannot be excluded from the controversy. The evidence, after a new test of the Basques, marked by the opportunist Baguette, ” the trial that sets us free” denotes the person concerned, a single defensive fault highlights the former Bayonnais Du Plessis, who has entered the castle.

The match has started again, we are playing the final. When switching sides, nothing is done. However, the first in the ranking was the second. And it will remain so. Bayonne will also demonstrate her immense defensive prowess. In the first ten minutes of the second period, Landais will only score three points, despite the hot conditions.

paddle changed

And it’s your turn. The one who has won rowing many times. There, too, the difference was made from the moment the fresh and talented guys entered the arena from the 50th minute. ” The end of the season was important. Explains Jean Monribot. With freshness studies. With players like me, 11-12 games, full of desire, enthusiasm. The team then gets a second wind. It also shows the wealth of our staff. »

A handsome player, Mons’ manager will have to admit: We were beaten in every aspect of the game and Bayonne was really determined. »

Indeed, the Shovel changed its face… at the right time. For two months, the players had a turnout that allowed them to first play the semi-finals at home, then pass one of the rising favourites, Oyonnax, with authority. Determined, daring, present throughout the match, the Basques rarely put on a performance like this. Definitely the best of the season. ” We had a hard time improving our game this season, Explains Jean Monribot. I believed that if we removed this pressure in the final stages, we would be irresistible. I had real confidence. »

The end of the Bru era

A four-year page turned in Bayonne. When he arrives, the passing of Yannick Bru, who will elevate the club to the Top 14, will mark it. Before this important game in Biarritz last year, the castle was defended for two years. From that moment on, something broke in Rowing. The friendship between the president and the manager collapsed. The day after the defeat at Aguilera, Philippe Tayeb told us that unlike the management, the athlete did not do his duty. This hiatus continued throughout the season when criticism of the Bayonne game began to tire of Yannick Bru. Who opened again after the final.

The Bru period therefore disappears, the Patat period begins. The former coach of the French team will have left his mark on the club with his signature. It would have structured the way sports business is run, encouraging the creation of the performance and training centre, even if the project was different from the one currently taking shape. Toulousain will not only be moving away from Bayonne. He will likely leave France for a year’s leave dedicated to deepening his sports experience. He could fly to South Africa to his friend Eduard Coetzee, former Bayonne player and Sharks head Biarritz.

21.5 million budget next season

If the festivities ever get in the way of the club’s future for a moment, the presidential office will be the center of attention from this Monday. Meetings will follow. Even if the return to the elite is awaited, there is no time to waste. Philippe Tayeb assured us that, in addition to what was already planned and announced, eight new troops would land in the event of an escalation. The recruitment unit meets before the party scheduled for 7 PM on Monday at the Place de l’Hôtel de Ville.

All these measures have been digitized. The club will benefit from a budget of 21.5 million and a payroll of 8.5 million. And in its infrastructure, in its forecasts. The training and performance center for professionals will be delivered in August and will be fully operational in November. The new tribune will welcome its first spectators in early October, while the changing rooms, media, health and hospitality areas will be operational in November.

As such, Rowing definitely wants to ensure its sustainability in the Top 14. The task is huge, but with this return to the elite right after the landing, which is a success, the essential is done.

The landing is erased and the ordeal is overcome. Because this Biarritz match kept coming back in this last meeting. ” We knew that if we used our potential, we would win. We are the Champions. We didn’t deserve to be relegated last year. We replaced the club. I am proud and… at peace” loose Captain Mariano Galarza, “relaxed” Yannick Bru way.

Aviron Bayonnais is now feeling ready… and the actors have put on their festive outfits. he deserved.