Projects that started in 2021 continue at the mountain campus


Renovation of facades and replacement of windows in several pavilions, redevelopment of many interiors, improvement of facilities and restoration of public spaces: the transformation of the mountain campus continues with the aim of consolidating existing infrastructures. These projects are part of a long-term vision to modernize the University’s facilities in line with the Master Plan’s new direction for campus development.

Windows and facades: protection of buildings

After the project of repairing the walls of the J.-A.-DeSève pavilion and replacing its 185 windows, which was completed in 2021, now it’s time for the Faculty of Music pavilion and the ongoing Claude-Champagne hall. major renovation work on the facades. In April, professional teams began demolition and reconstruction work to install new windows, as well as large brick sections on the east, north and west facades of the building. Work will continue until December.

Significant work has also begun on the façades and window replacements in the western sector of the Roger-Gaudry Pavilion: in total more than 1,200 windows will be replaced in the building. An inheritance analysis and a few prototyping tests in place already made to select the models that are most suitable for exposure to bad weather conditions. The new windows retain the possibility of opening for better interior ventilation and meet the highest criteria for energy performance.

Finally, wall repair work began this spring in the pavilion of the Faculty of Environmental Design. This demolition of exterior brick, installation of wall anchors, re-brickwork and caulking will take place by December 2023.

All these work at height will require the erection of scaffolding and the development of safe pedestrian walkways that will be protected for the duration of the work.

Many construction sites around the Roger-Gaudry pavilion

Multiple construction sites will be constructed around the Roger-Gaudry pavilion at the same time, resulting in occasional blocking of traffic around the building and the closure of certain car parks, notably the P-14 car park in front of the pavilion’s western sector. will remain closed for the next two years. However, the Chemin de la Tour and the building’s main entrances will remain accessible. The work will mainly involve reorganizing and renovating various laboratories, clinics or common areas, finishing floors and ceilings, improving and securing facilities, while external work will be carried out with the condition of the envelope, roof and nearby water catchments.

With regard to major infrastructure projects, calls for tenders have been finalized for demolition of the Roger-Gaudry and Marie-Victorin pavilions as part of the space transformation project. Starting in the western sector of the Roger-Gaudry pavilion and continuing through December, this first phase of work consists of the selective dismantling of materials for reuse or recycling. It should be noted that the purpose of the area allocation project is to redevelop the buildings vacant after the chemistry and physics departments were moved to the MIL campus to meet the functional needs of the units to be established in the future.

Work that began recently on the Place de La Laurentienne resumed this spring and will be completed in the fall. This work includes, among other things, the repair of the Louis-Colin tunnel and the structures associated with the vehicle entrance, as well as the repair of all exterior fittings, such as the benches, stands and steps of the monumental Jean-Brillant staircase, flooring. laying cobblestones and placing street lights, as well as planting various types of trees and shrubs.

A youth treatment for CEPSUM

Renovations at CEPSUM, launched in 2020, continue with more than $17 million of major work planned for the Center’s two largest sports facilities. The work includes the construction of rainwater catchment ponds, modernization of water facilities, revitalization of the open-air stadium and expansion of the Carabins training hall.

Near CEPSUM, the Société de transport de Montréal, undertaken since 2020 at the Édouard-Montpetit metro station, will be completed in December to meet universal accessibility requirements with the addition of elevators. At the REM construction site at Édouard-Montpetit station, the steel structure of the station has been completed, and the internal layout of the station and the construction of the pavilion will continue in 2022 in parallel with the construction of the platforms inside the Mont. -The royal tunnel where trains will pass 70 m below the ground.

A revamped site for DI and other tools to inform the community

It should be noted that the Department of Buildings (DI) will soon publish its new website. The services offered to the users will make it possible to provide information about various resources related to current projects and facilities, and to subscribe to newsletters about undertaken or upcoming works by selecting the sector of interest.

There are also several information pages on construction sites and infrastructure works on the main campus, such as the conversion of spaces in the Roger-Gaudry and Marie-Victorin pavilions, the redevelopment of Place de La Laurentienne, the ‘Renovation operation. At CEPSUM and in the master plan for the development of the campus.

With these interventions, the Université de Montréal seizes the opportunity to modernize its facilities and showcase its established heritage on its mountain campus.