Putin threatens to target new targets if missiles are supplied to Kiev

11:20 am: Moscow says it destroyed armored vehicles delivered by Eastern European countries

Russia said on Sunday that it destroyed armored vehicles delivered by Eastern European countries in airstrikes on the city of Kyiv.

Ukrainian officials said Russia’s airstrikes on Kiev had hit the railway infrastructure.

11:15 am: Putin threatens to target new targets if long-range missiles are supplied to Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Sunday that Moscow would hit new targets if the West supplied long-range missiles to Ukraine, assessing existing arms deliveries were aimed at “prolonging the conflict”.

9:10 am: Russians lost territory in Severodonetsk, according to governor

The Russians have lost territory in Severodonetsk, a key city in eastern Ukraine and the epicenter of fierce fighting for control of Donbass, the regional governor said on Sunday. “The Russians controlled about 70% of the city, but they were repulsed in the last two days. The city is divided in two, they are afraid to move freely,” he said.

08:10: Death of four foreign volunteers who went to fight in Ukraine

Kyiv announced on Saturday the deaths of four foreign volunteers who went to fight Russian troops. A German, a French, an Australian and a Dutchman were killed, according to the International Defense Legion of Ukraine, where and when unspecified. Paris confirmed on Friday the death of a Frenchman who died in the Kharkiv region (northeast), according to the media. Australia also confirmed the death of one of its citizens in May.

07:55: Macky Sal wants to go to Ukraine and “contribute to the return of peace”

The war continues to put pressure on grain exports, on which African countries depend. Macky Sall, President of Senegal and President of the African Union, announced his intention to visit Ukraine on Saturday and “contribute to the return of peace” after meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday.

07:00: Several explosions in Kiev this Sunday morning

“Explosions” shook Kiev this Sunday morning, the mayor Vitali Klitschko said on Telegram. “Several explosions in the city’s Darnytsky and Dniprovsky districts. The mayor of the Ukrainian capital wrote that the fire is in the process of extinguishing. The capital, where the Russian noose was loosened in late March and early April, was hit especially on 28 April, the day of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’s visit. According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, “five missiles” then fell on Kiev.

06:55: The Ukrainian city of Severodonetsk is at the heart of the conflict and the media

Severodonetsk, a key city in eastern Ukraine, has been grappling with fierce fighting between Kyiv and Kremlin troops for several days. But the war is also happening in the communications sphere: the Russian military said on Saturday that Ukrainian troops, suffering “critical losses”, had withdrawn from Severodonetsk to the large neighboring city of Lyssytchansk.

However, earlier in the day, Kyiv claimed that on the contrary, it would repulse the Russian troops who had thrown all their available forces into the battle of Severodonetsk. There was “some success” from the Russian troops, who managed to break into the city and take a good role and split it in half. But our soldiers managed to redeploy, to establish a line of defense. Currently, we are doing everything necessary to restore Ukraine’s “full control over the city,” said Severodonetsk mayor Olexander Striouk in a television interview published on the official regional Telegram account on Saturday evening.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on March 27.  Photo by Mikhail KLIMENTYEV/Sputnik/AFP

Did Putin receive cancer treatment in April? Washington denied

The information published by the American weekly Newsweek on Thursday was a bombshell: Vladimir Putin would have been treated for cancer in April before it resurfaced in the media. According to them, information from American intelligence. But the White House flatly denied such information on Friday, as reported by BFMTV. In a statement sent to the American newspaper after the publication of its article, the US National Security Council (NSC) said, “The rumors that there are such assessments from the intelligence services or that such information is transmitted to the president are not true.”

While the health of the Russian president has been the subject of much speculation for months, all rumors were denied by the head of diplomacy in Moscow at the end of May.

06:50: Kyiv condemns Macron’s calls to “not humiliate Russia”

Ukrainian head of diplomacy, Dmytro Kouleba, on Saturday denounced French President Emmanuel Macron’s calls not to “humiliate” Russia, assessing that this position could only “humiliate France”. “It is Russia that humbles itself. We’d all better focus on how to put Russia in his place. It will bring peace and save lives,” Dmytro Kouleba said in a tweet.

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Visactu infographic for Friday, June 3

Things to remember from Saturday

  • Since the beginning of the war, Polish border guards have registered 3.82 million entries from Ukraine.
  • In an interview, the adviser to the Ukrainian president predicts that the war will continue for another two to six months.
  • Four foreign volunteers, including a Frenchman, were killed while fighting against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

06:45: Hello everyone and welcome to this live broadcast where we will follow the situation around the conflict in Ukraine on the 102nd day of the Russian occupation.