Rajasthan Budget 2022: Gehlot Announces Free Electricity and Smartphones for Women | Latest India News

JAIPUR: Ahead of the 2023 general election, Rajasthan Prime Minister Ashok Gehlot announced on Wednesday the reinstating of the former government employee pension scheme, 13.3 crore smartphones for women with internet connections, a three-year internet, an urban employment guarantee scheme and subsidized electricity for domestic consumers. has tried to reach all segments of society.

In an income deficit budget with a fiscal deficit of 4.36% compared to 3.96% of the state’s GDP in the current fiscal year, the CM presented the state’s first separate agriculture budget and announced 11 missions worth Mukhya Mantri Krishak Sathi Yojna 10,000 crore to impress the farmers who make up about 70% of the state’s population.

Gehlot did not propose any new taxes or changes in the existing tax system in the 4th budget of the current period, which it presented for 3 hours. It was proposed to give industry status to the tourism and accommodation sector.

19 months before the state legislature elections, Gehlot proposed increasing health coverage under the state government’s Cheeranjivi health insurance plan. 5,000,000 Providing 10 lakh per family per year and accident insurance 5 lakh to families under Mukhyamantri Chiranjivi accidental insurance scheme. Announced a new work-from-home program for 20,000 women, a separate staff of English teachers for Mahatma Gandhi English Secondary Schools, and all 3,820 public secondary schools will be upgraded to the high school level.

“After seeing the budget, people will feel the future vision of Rajasthan. Attention was paid to each sector in the budget. Even the BJP opposition welcomes the budget in their hearts. The budget is such that every citizen must accept it. No one expected such a budget, especially when it comes to Corona.”

To provide financial assistance to families, Gehlot announced up to 50 units of free electricity for home users consuming 100 units per month, which will benefit approximately 11.8 million low-income people. He added that he has given a grant. 3 per unit for those who consume 150 units per month, For those who consume 150-300 pieces, 2 pieces per piece. “The government will bear this burden” 4,500 crore,” CM said, describing it as Corona relief.

He had two big announcements for the authorities. Firstly, all employees joining after 2004 will have the opportunity to enroll in the old pension scheme with a guaranteed pension from the following year, and secondly, with the 7th workers’ pay commission companies, councils and universities.

“We all know that government service workers need to feel secure for the future, but only then can they make an invaluable contribution to good governance throughout their tenure. Therefore, I propose to introduce the old pension plan for all employees appointed as of January 1, 2004.”

CM announced the implementation of the Congress party manifesto promise of an urban employment program named after Indira Gandhi, which guarantees 100 days of work in urban areas, in line with the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA). He also said that MGNREGA workers will work 125 days a year instead of the current 100. However, according to the data, only half of MGNREGA employees work 100 days a year.

Gehlot in the first agriculture budget, 5,000 crore for CM Krishak Saathi Yojna 2,000 crore was allocated in the final budget. The 11 missions include the Rajasthan Micro Irrigation Mission. 2,700 crores; Rajasthan Organic Agriculture Mission 600 crore, Rajasthan Millets Promotion Mission 100 crore and Rajasthan Protected Breeding Mission 400 crores. Farmers will receive a 60% subsidy to install solar pumps and the government will connect 3.38 lakh electricity to farmers where they will receive electricity at subsidized rates.

Former Prime Minister Vasundhara Raje described the budget as a disappointment and said, “The budget is not based on prudent fiscal policy and is politically oriented and has no vision. This is the first time a separate agricultural budget is presented, but this is just an illusion and a clear picture will emerge when the figures are examined. He added that you should see how the ads are playing.

Political analyst Manish Godha said it looked like an election budget and would have huge financial implications on the national treasury. “A populist budget and the Prime Minister focused on providing all segments of society with jobs for youth, phones for women, health insurance. 10 lakhs, free electricity and subsidies,” he said. Rajasthan parliamentary elections are scheduled for December 2023.