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what were you thinking Whether you’re looking for a change of scenery or just exploring great new cities during your travels, remember to keep your compass pointing north. America this year

Three Canadian cities, 172 cities worldwide by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) crime rate access to health, infrastructure, education and cultural activities, sports and green spaces.

Vienna took first place from last year’s winner, aucklandwhich fell from 1time at 34to This year’s position is largely due to restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

after falling to 12to In 2021, with its museums and restaurants closed, Vienna “returned to the top spot it has held since then in 2018 and 2019,” the report said. “The stability and solid infrastructure is the main attraction for the city’s residents, supported by good healthcare and numerous cultural and recreational opportunities. »

Other Western European city centers in the top 10 include: Copenhagen (2to situation), Zurich (3to position, affiliated with Calgary), Geneva (6to situation), Frankfurt (7to location) and amsterdam (9to position) – all surpassing the eternal favorites of Paris (19to location), London (33to location) and Barcelona (35to situation).

Closer to home, best Canadian cities for 2022 Calgary (3to Drawn with Zurich), Vancouver (5to position) and Toronto (8to situation).

There are no US cities in the ranking. Cities that made the most progress in the past year Los Angeles (+18 places, 37to location) and Houston (-25 rows, 56to situation).

Since last year, Oceania has experienced a sharp decline. Australia and New Zealand were in a good position in 2021 when border closures limited Covid cases. “However, the situation changed when a more contagious wave of Covid-19 hit in late 2021, which made border closures less effective,” the report said.

In 2021, Auckland was at the top of the Global Liveability Index; this year the city has dropped to 33to Square. Similarly, last year Australia had four cities in the top 10 – Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth – this year only Melbourne continued and moved up to 10.to Osaka is a place connected with Japan. No other Australian city outperformed the 27to Square.

Kyiv It was not considered this year after Russia invaded Ukraine in February. Moscow and St. Petersburg fell in the rankings due to ‘censorship’ and Western sanctions.

Wars, conflicts and terrorism predominate in the last ten cities in the ranking, seven of which are in the Middle East and Africa. The least liveable cities include Damascus (Syria), Tripoli (Libya), Lagos (Nigeria) and Algeria (Algeria).

For the next year, the EIU will track the impact of rising prices around the world on liveability. “This sharp rise in inflation will endanger quality of life in many cities, especially if there are cuts to food and fuel supplies caused by the war in Ukraine,” the report said. “Either residents will have to pay much higher prices (making it less accessible to enjoy their city’s culture and environment) or governments will shoulder more of that burden (thus compromising their ability to deliver high-quality public services).”

Article translated from Forbes USA – Author: Suzanne Rowan Kelleher

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