Real estate: buildings on the roof of stations of line 14 of the Paris metro soon

The new metro line 14 stations will be buildings in early 2024.
The new metro line 14 stations will be buildings in early 2024. (©SL / news Paris)

“Location close to the subway”: this usual phrase in residential advertisements could not be more accurate than in stations. cliche door and Saint-Ouen town hall between line 14 of the Paris metro. These stations, which have been limited to reinforced concrete cubes since the day they opened at the end of 2020, build new buildings.

290.000 Euros per studio and direct access to the metro

An exercise in Saint-Ouen, cranes in front of the field: no doubt the areas around and above the last stations of the 14th line are busy. In Saint-Ouen they would pass almost unnoticed amid the many cranes that surrounded the city and the Seine-Saint-Denis. The two metro exits, which were opened in December 2020, will feature 90 apartments with balconies and will provide “direct access” to the station.

The fences surrounding the construction sites are decorated with images of future buildings.
The fences surrounding the construction sites are decorated with images of future buildings. (©SL / news Paris)

The company Eiffage, which manages the construction and marketing of future residences, named it. Opposite to this real estate program. Accommodations range from “studios to five-room apartments with a duplex and a townhouse”. On the private site, 15 properties are for sale, ranging from 290,000 Euros for the last 35 m² studio to 920,000 Euros for a 98 m² south-facing four-room apartment on the seventh floor. All delivered in the fall of 2024.

Social housing, students, health center and shops in Paris

On the Paris side, work on the Porte de Clichy station will be completed by the end of 2024. Managed by the Régie immobilière de la Ville de Paris (RIVP), the project includes “80 social housing, 151 student housing, a nursing home, an emergency shelter and three shops”. The much larger 11,500 m² structure requires cranes.

Large construction site above Porte de Clichy station.
Large construction site above Porte de Clichy station to be covered. (©SL / news Paris)

The complex will fill the last gap on the Avenue de Clichy between Périphérique and Boulevard Berthier, between Saint-Ouen and the 17th arrondissement.

Other structures for future stations of line 14

While these stations are gaining height, line 14 is getting longer. Around the future station pliel 2 thousand houses, whose names are put to the vote, will be produced. According to the Société du Grand Paris, this new northern terminus of the line should be operational by mid-2024, as are the seven new stations in the south.Orly Airport. Unsurprisingly, prices are by far the cheapest where the line isn’t running yet. Top Agents.

Prices per station for line 14.
Prices per station for line 14. (©Best Representatives)

stations of the future Val de Marne It is an asset touted by developers for their homes under construction, but also by public institutions. This situation is for example Cachan ecoregion, presented in mid-April and will surround the future station. In addition to 12.000 m² of offices, 1.900 m² of shops and services, there will be 200 residences, 30% of which will be social housing. Opportunities to accompany lines 15, 16, 17 and 18 Great Paris Express in the next ten years.

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