Recruitment aids to optimize recruitment

In 2022, in an unprecedented context, companies in all industries are questioning themselves in the face of new hiring constraints.

The health crisis we have experienced in the last two years has made a big change for the labor market: professional retraining, changes in professional aspirations make the recruitment process very complex. While one in every two companies is in the hiring process, 44% have difficulty hiring.

Therefore, all companies need to optimize their recruitment processes: make themselves attractive; find the right profile; Optimize cost through recruiting aids.

First of all, the company must make itself attractive because it is the candidates who choose their employers now, not the companies that choose their future recruits.

Also, the first step for a recruiting company is to improve its image, its corporate culture (first with their team so that they can convey a good image, then in different communication media to attract new profiles). It is a matter of demonstrating and affirming a strong identity that highlights all the positive and qualitative aspects of its commitments, its development strategy, management, codes and values ​​in general. This will make it possible to target employees who know how to identify and integrate the company as quickly as possible. Social networks should be necessarily included in the recruitment process.

Then you should find the right profile. To be efficient, recruitment should be based on the most precise job description possible. In addition to the required human qualifications, it is essential to specify the required technical skills, education level and required experience.

Therefore, as soon as the candidate is selected, or to expand the field of possible selection or finally complete the selection, it will be necessary to approach the study of accessible recruitment aids.

Because employment policies (incentive, support, support) should allow companies to lower their recruitment costs in order to promote access to employment for all.

But beware, employment assistance in 2022 has many new features. Some benefits have been extended specifically due to ill health, while others will be discontinued during the year.

Therefore, the current recruitment assistance situation requires special attention and support from professionals, not to make a hiring decision based solely on a willingness to receive financial support. As the requirements that must be met are specific to each system (numerous and specific), it is imperative to properly verify the recruitment context to ensure access to assistance.


Outstanding assistance to employers hiring a young apprentice

This exceptional assistance concerns contracts concluded between 1.privateJuly 2020 and now 31 December 2022 (a May 24 decree extended the initial deadline from 30 June to 31 December 2022). This aid amounts to 5,000 Euros for apprentices under the age of 18 and 8,000 Euros for those over the age of 18.

One-time assistance

Following the implementation of an exceptional system of assistance for temporary recruitment by the State, one-time assistance to recruit an apprentice concerns only contracts concluded from 1.privateJuly 2022.

To be eligible for the sole benefit, the company must meet the following four collective conditions: hire an apprentice under an apprenticeship contract; sign the contract 1privateJuly 2022; with less than 250 employees; Hire an apprentice who prepares a diploma or title for professional purposes at a level lower than or equal to the baccalaureate (baccalaureate +2 for overseas departments and regions).

Work study recruiting assistance


For the recruitment of long-term job seekers, new exceptional assistance has been created for the first year of contract performance, with a maximum of 8,000 euros. Applies to contracts signed between 1.privateNovember 2021 and 31 December 2022.

Requirements for hired employees

Professionalization agreements entitle employees to exceptional benefits for the first year of contract performance for employees who meet the following conditions:

• At least 30 years old for contracts signed from 1 year oldprivateFor contracts signed between November 2021 and 30 June 2022privateJuly 2022 and 31 December 2022, this age requirement does not apply;

• registered as job seekers actively seeking employment;

• and have been job seekers for at least 12 months in the last 15 months and have not engaged in any professional activity or have been engaged in a professional activity for a maximum of 78 hours per month;

• preparing a diploma or title for professional purposes equivalent to a maximum of level 7 (bac + 5: master’s degree, engineering degree, etc.), or preparing for a certificate of professional qualification (CQP).

This exceptional aid replaces State aid paid under contracts concluded between 1.privateNovember 2021 and 31 December 2022:

• support for professionalization contracts in structures of integration through economic activity;

• Financial assistance for open recruitment allocated by Pôle emploi.

The exceptional benefit is paid to the employer by the Pôle emploi.

As a reminder, recruitment assistance for other exceptional work-education (extended to the learning and professionalization contract for youth under 30) has been extended until 30 June 2022.


There are a variety of aids available for recruiting people with disabilities. Any employer can take advantage of financial assistance when hiring an employee with a disability. Help is not automatic. The employer must submit a claim to Agefiph.

These include: employment assistance (AETH) for workers with disabilities; assistance with welcome, integration and professional development; assistance in adapting work situations; assistance in finding solutions to maintain employment; assistance in recruiting an apprenticeship or professionalization contract;

training assistance for job retention.


The unpaid work system until 31 December 2022 allows employers to take advantage of financial assistance to recruit any unemployed resident in a priority area of ​​the city policy (QPV). The contract can be a CDI or CDD longer than six months. Aid is in the form of a grant. Its amount is fixed as follows:

• 5,000 Euros per year for three years for permanent employment (thus 15,000 Euros over three years),

• EUR 2,500 per year for a maximum of two years for a fixed-term contract of at least six months (hence 5,000 Euros over two years).

The aid is calculated proportionally:

• the validity period of the employment contract during the calendar year,

• weekly working hours where this period is less than full time.

Discounts on employers’ social security contributions


The overall reduction in employer contributions, also called the zero Urssaf contribution or Fillon deduction, allows the employer to reduce the amount of employer contributions. This reduction relates to salaries not exceeding 1.6 times the monthly gross minimum wage.

This overview of recruitment assistance is not comprehensive, but should allow the employer to retain the possibility of financial support during the recruitment process.

It should be reminded that certain categories of employees, certain geographical areas and certain areas of activity are subject to government incentive policies. It is therefore imperative to ensure whether a new employee can gain access to an incentive measure that will allow the employer to mitigate the cost of salary by ensuring that all necessary conditions are met for each device.

Marielle Benone, chartered accountant.