Reducing staff or working hours at La Poste: petitions launched in Le Havre

The reorganization of the post office was to take effect on April 12, according to the unions: a reduction in staffing, working hours and services to the population was planned (© Illustration / Adobe Stock)

Restructuring plan that requires significant changes for some offices, according to unions Post Office in Le Havre (Seine-Maritime) It was to be held on April 12. But the negotiations continue, especially in the background. petitions This is at the initiative of the unions.

Ongoing petitions to influence negotiations

On Tuesday, March 2, 2022, several unionists from La Poste had Jenner sign a petition in front of the Frileuse office instead. Purpose: to influence the ongoing negotiations on the restructuring plan. And this operation will be followed by others, I promise unions. Time is running out to bring their demands to a successful conclusion and thereby limit the results of the restructuring plan, which will initially go into effect on April 12. a date not confirmed by management questioned by 76news.

“The 13 offices in Le Havre are particularly concerned about business that cannot be changed if we rely on this plan,” says Rémi Caniel of CGT. According to the second, “Initially there were 14 positions, at the end of the year we managed to get to eight with a mobilization, but it’s still too many. These are positions currently filled after retirement by people whose contracts will not be renewed. Still, according to the trade unionist, “there are needs”.

When asked, management confirms the number of eight “work positions”. And he explains: “There is a 30% drop in attendance at Le Havre today. If we take into account this decline, there should be less than about 14 job positions, but today La Poste is taking into account the new needs of customers by extending the availability of hours to maintain the level of service. »

Fewer services, reduced working hours

According to the unionist, “In the latest news, three post offices will be particularly affected by this restructuring, Bléville, Frileuse and Brindeau. For Frileuse, while the office is currently open all day except noon, management has announced that it wants to switch to working hours from 8am to 9:30am and from 4:15pm to 6:30pm on its sole mission. Parcel delivery factors after unsuccessful home visits. »

Specific factors that had a mission according to the unionist were reviewed. “They would divide their time between distribution and the box office. Obviously the fees have not been adapted. »

Rémi Caniel insists: “La Poste is well aware that the closure of offices in Le Havre, such as this rue de Paris and Gobelins in 2019, has received negative reactions from municipalities or residents. Today, for example, considering stopping international money transfers to Brindeau when we know there is high demand, it cuts down on working hours and cuts down on services. It is a way of saying we are not closing, we are reorganizing, but we know that the services provided to the population have very serious consequences in terms of employment and working conditions. »

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Regarding working hours and public service, La Poste management says: “To this day, we are still in dialogue with the unions. Nothing was done. We cannot present the future organization, it is not approved, it is an order of great principles. “Several sessions with the unions would be scheduled, according to La Poste, who did not provide a deadline, and he concludes: “What appears is not established. »

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