Registration for organized sports on the rise in Northern Ontario


The trend is most pronounced in toddler departments. ans et toutes les divisions jusqu’à celle des 8ans et moins sont pleines”,”text”:”Ce que je remarque c’est que les inscriptions ont surtout augmenté dans les divisions pour les plus jeunes. Nous offrons du soccer aux 3 à 18ans et toutes les divisions jusqu’à celle des 8ans et moins sont pleines”}}”>What caught my attention is that the enrollments increased especially in the sections for the smallest. We offer football for ages 3 to 18 and all sections 8 and under are fullsays Heidi Murphy, president of football club Valley East.

One of many clubs in Greater Sudbury has registered twice as many players this summer than last year. The association even had to create a waiting list for certain divisions and make room for two additional teams.

As of May 21, the Kapuskasing Junior Football Association has already surpassed its player total for the 2019 season, which was approximately 220, three days after the end of the registration period. Association president Justin Renaud said although the latest census showed the local population fell 2.8% from 2016 to 2021, population growth in our region. in the last 18 months.

I even believe that we will reach our maximum capacity in some departments. It’s a problem, but it’s a nice problem to haveexplains.

Justin Renaud in an interview

Justin Renaud, President of Kapuskasing Junior Football Association.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Screenshot

The North Bay Bulldogs football organization and Kapuskasing slo-pitch league are seeing the same trends, as several sporting practices continue statewide in the coming weeks.

The only element missing from many of these sports associations, which have organized their first season since the start of the pandemic, is the return of older athletes to the game.

teens away

Timmins Little League Baseball is one of the few to experience a drop in registrations. Compared to 2019, enrollment rates among young players are stable, but the two-year forced shutdown caused by the health crisis has affected older players’ interest in the sport.

ans. On ne sera pas capable de l’offrir cette année parce qu’il n’y en a pas assez”,”text”:”Auparavant, on avait des divisions de 13 à 16ans. On ne sera pas capable de l’offrir cette année parce qu’il n’y en a pas assez”}}”>We had episodes of 13 to 16 years before. We can’t offer it this year because it’s not enough.says Dan Ouellet, the league’s treasurer and secretary.

He hopes these sections will come back next year, specifically to take advantage of a new space being built in Hollinger Park.

Two football teams playing on a field

The Bulldogs junior team made their debut in Sault Ste on May 21. Played with Marie Sabercats.

Photo: Courtesy of North Bay Bulldogs

From the North Bay Bulldogs junior soccer teams to senior soccer teams, enrollments rose between 17% and 20%. However, the introduction of a 19-year-old limit of 10 players who can play on the same team at the same time has impacted records for his former roster.

ans. Je crois que ça va prendre les joueurs de 19ans”,”text”:”Je crains pour l’équipe senior à long terme. Je ne crois pas qu’on pourra maintenir notre taux qu’avec des joueurs de 17 et 18ans. Je crois que ça va prendre les joueurs de 19ans”}}”>I fear for the senior team in the long run. I don’t think we can keep our odds with only 17 and 18 year old players. I believe it will take 19 year old players.Shares Bulldogs president and head coach Marc Mathon.

Fortunately, the organization took advantage of short periods during fall 2020 and summer 2021 to offer flag football. This tactic has dramatically increased enrollments among the youngest, as new people have a chance to be interested in the program when very few sports are allowed.

resource scarcity

While it is desirable to increase the number of participants in organized sports, it is necessary to do whatever it takes to accommodate everyone. The Kapuskasing slant league has nearly doubled their numbers, from around 130 players in 2019 to nearly 200 this year.

jeunes et seulement trois champs de balle, c’est difficile de créer un horaire”,”text”:”Avec 197jeunes et seulement trois champs de balle, c’est difficile de créer un horaire”}}”>With 197 young people and only three ball courts, it’s hard to create a programShows Pat Audras, one of the league’s leaders.

The League requested and received the green light from the City to use an old abandoned plot of land located in the Val Albert area that will be renovated after July and then converted into a dog park. According to Mr. Audras, the municipality is in talks with the André-Cary Catholic school to build a new site.

Valley East football club struggled to find enough volunteers on its behalf.

Volunteer parents are required in the field to coordinate teams and distribute uniforms and schedules.says Mrs. Murphy.

Fortunately, the president was able to find all the volunteers needed for the summer with just over a week before the season kicks off on May 30.

Kapuskasing Junior Football Association is always looking for volunteer coaches as it plans to restart its competitive program. It will also be limited to just one court this summer, due to the renovations of the latter, which it normally uses.