Release date, price, history, Deluxe Edition… Find the latest information on Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – Nintendo Switch

Currently available to subscribers free of charge at: Nintendo Switch Online (to see all details HERE) monster hunter rise about to receive Major expansion called Sunbreak. Almost a new game… Special Digital Event post today (which See and review HERE) Capcom released a new trailer and revealed a lot of information in the process, starting with the expansion’s release date. Find all the information you need to remember below.

  • MHR: Sunrise will be downloadable on June 30 will come.
  • MHR: Sunrise handle 39.99€
  • Now you can pre-order the extension on the eShop and thus get Chumsky “Loyal Dog Costume” and Palico “Striped Cat Costume” custom armor sets.
  • most 30 JuneThree new amiibo inspired by the Malzeno beast will be released and unlock exclusive armors for Hunter, Chumsky, and Palico.
  • In addition to simple editing, 30 June a Deluxe Edition (actually a Sunbreak download code) that will be released in stores, containing the Sunbreak extension monster hunter rise.) + a Deluxe Pack code inside which will have a special “Dragonbane” hunter armor, emotes, poses, “elegant eye” makeup and even a “Ruffled curls” hairstyle.
  • The Deluxe Edition on the eShop MHR: Sunrise pre-order at 49.99€
  • Deluxe Kit is sold individually at: 14,99€
  • Note that the same day it was published MHR: Sunrise, for all owners of the game (even those who will not receive the DLC), a major update will be distributed. Plan to free up some space on your console’s SD card or memory as the update will take almost time. 13GB of space. Playing online will be crucial and will include: weapon balances, item packs, and character edit tickets.
  • in eShop, monster hunter rise right now 39.99€ (instead of 59.99€) and the Deluxe Edition are available at: 49.99€ (instead of 69,99€)

Also, the story MHR: Sunrise opened. You can find the trailer for the extension, as well as below.

Story Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak begins after the heroic defense of Kamura Village against Calamity in Monster Hunter Rise. News that the village has survived inspires the brave knight Lady Fiorayne to travel from the far Kingdom to seek help. Monster Hunters brave enough to answer his call will head to the Elgado Outpost.

This bustling harbor is home to the command center responsible for restoring peace to the kingdom, as well as the laboratory that studies abnormal monster activity in the region. Here players will be able to interact with new characters, including the Commander of the Knights of the Royal Order, Admiral Galleus, the eccentric scientist Bahari, the blacksmith Minayle, the merchant Oboro and the quest provider Chichae. These helpful allies will help Hunters craft new gear to face the dangers ahead and teach them how to apply powerful new Filoptera techniques.

The threat to the kingdom is entwined with fearsome creatures known as the Three Lords, inspired by classic Western horror figures. This dangerous trio includes the brand new Garangolm, the fearsome Fanged Wyvern Lunagaron and the Elder Dragon Malzeno. In addition to these nightmarish new enemies, other varieties of fan-favorite monsters and ancient creatures in past episodes such as Bishaten Orange and the mighty Astalos will appear to challenge Hunters in level difficulty missions.

The investigation into the actions of the Three Lords will take adventurers across the Kingdom to exciting new places like the brand new Citadel. The latter consists of snow-capped peaks cascading above lush forests brimming with new endemic lifeforms. At the center of this vast region is a long-abandoned castle that serves as a stronghold for the monsters it is meant to fend off.

More information on Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will be announced at a later date.