“respect the corpses of animals”, individual cremation demand is more and more popular

No more cats buried at the bottom of the garden. Legislation has tightened in recent years, and most animals that die at the vet are now cremated. A new crematorium for pets opened in Brissac-Loire-Aubance in Maine et Loire last November.

This crematorium allows the department’s veterinarians to provide a local service to animal owners. Four-legged comrades who are part of the family.

First stop of the Cremanimo company truck, a private veterinary clinic. Collectors sneak behind the building to load animals that have died in the last days. Eight for this institution this morning.

“It can be variable in weight, large animals, for example large dogs that can weigh up to 40, 50 kilos. Otherwise there are a lot of cats. NACs, the new pets are quite small. The car is modular, you can load any size and any type of animal in it.”explains Pierre Bernard, collector of the Cremanimo company.

One morning, the company will rescue between 30 and 40 animals from various vets in Maine-et-Loire. Then the animals will be burned. A new service in the department responding to a request from professionals about providing the best possible support for pet end-of-life care. Because if the aim is to heal here, death is also a part of daily life.

“It doesn’t matter, we can’t work without a special cremation service that allows us to treat the corpses of animals with respect. It’s an integral part of our job. We have a lot of them, we need them. corpses weren’t cared for individually before.”is witnessing Morgane Charbonneau, veterinarian and emergency manager at Vet Ref.

Now, what we want from animal owners and veterinarians is to provide special services to pets.

Morgane Charbonneau


A local service that better supports families. The death of a dog or cat is often experienced as a real tragedy today, and you have to know how to respond to people’s grief.

We adapt according to the needs of the person

ingrid melet

veterinary assistant

“There are those who want to get some feathers from the animal. We do it. There are those who want one last photo or one last moment for half an hour, five minutes.”says Ingrid Meslet, assistant veterinarian.

today, por those wishing to participate in the cremation no longer need to go to the Vendée. Since November, the Brissac-Quincé crematorium has been welcoming its bereaved owners. A project completed in 5 years. Six employees operate the furnace 5 days out of 7 days.

“Our oven allows us to host an animal up to 100kg, that’s the maximum.He reassures Cyril Lecuit, director and founder of Cremanimo.

€80 for mass cremation, €150 for individual treatment with ashes recovery. The company currently works with 35 veterinary clinics. They make up 95% of the customer, but individuals can also be dealt with. Funeral room, private ceremony and outside, a souvenir garden, nothing is missing.

“We wanted to create an inn garden that allowed the owners to scatter ashes, to be able to congregate in a herb garden whenever they wanted, but also to offer a somewhat innovative columbarium wall.” , Mickaël Lecuit, partner and responsible for the partnership, concludes.

Currently, the company is operating at 50% capacity. However, the demand for veterinarians, especially working in neighboring departments, is increasing. A new crematorium is planned for 2023 in Tours.

Jacques Ricot is agregé and doctor of philosophy. “Who will he save? Human or dog?” said this ethicist, affiliated with the University of Nantes, on the dissolution of the boundaries between human and animal. He published an article on the question.

“Today, and rightly so, we’re in the process of reevaluating the animal condition, paying more and more respect to it, and I see that very often, and often, it undermines the boundary. So ‘there is no boundary. We would all be humans or not, and in the end we are all alive and morally the same. I say to this approach, I say no!explains the philosopher.

But Jacques Ricot stresses the importance of the real questions this discussion raises.

The animal suffers a lot more than we think, it deserves consideration, and we couldn’t give it to him.

Jacques Ricot, philosopher

But Nantes residents say they are worried about the border being unraveled. “The first is to think that a dog’s life can be more important than a human’s. I’ve heard that from very knowledgeable people. This talk is an intriguing and disturbing drag, we can’t think of it. An animal’s life is just as important as a human life, especially in this time of war as we know it.” .

We must raise the status of the animal, but not lower the status of man.

Jacques Picot, philosopher

What about pet cemeteries, psychological care, cremations? “I’m not unhappy that we’re taking better care of the animals, they have new veterinary skills, I find that very positive.”

“I understand that there are difficult mournings for animals we are very attached to, I understand that but today’s burials are similar to people’s, the hard thing is that cemeteries for animals have always been, animals are more difficult for some than mourning family members, reversing the normal order of human ethics transformative behaviors.”the philosopher concludes.