Rugby: Stade Langonnais continues into the transfer window … and it’s starting to look good

Stade Langonnais has confirmed the addition of two new players to its roster.
Stade Langonnais has confirmed the arrival of new players to its workforce. (©Republican)

Things are progressing in Comberlin! Stade Langonnais 2022-2023 in full recruitment phase. If Yann Dessis and Maxime Laurent were the first to announce they were leaving the sport and joining the Bazas squad, we now know that four more players from the first squad are on the way.

Issaadi goes to Marmande

very kind, Gauthier Issaadi approved of Marmande. At 28 and given his qualifications, it seems legitimate for this feared column to try his luck at the next level.

Pierre Lopez Center and column Lucas Lenôtre After spending one and two seasons and three seasons at Comberlin, they return to Saint-Médard en Jalles.

most sketchy Simon GélyThe one who came last year preferred to wear Graulhet colors from now on.

Approved technical personnel

Let us remind you that the squad of the A team will consist of Christophe Hamacek and Romain Cabannes. Both men have impressive resumes. The first is called the coach (for example, Béziers or Rouen). The latter as a professional player (Brive, Castres or Mont-de-Marsan to name a few). The leaders also found the duo to be responsible for Espoirs training: Stéphane Barrau and Christophe Darguence, two coaches with proven histories, two complementary profiles.
The quartet will also be able to count on input from physical trainers Manu Espiasse and Valentin Rubio, as well as Jean-Michel Flament on the video side.

Things are moving slowly on the rookie side. we will note The return of Richard Jenkinsannounced by Republican South Gironde. these 3to The line knows the house well. Knowing Pro D2 (30 games) and of course Federal 1 (80 games) will be a valuable addition at 32.

another turn, Paul Castera. The Scrum half wore Red and White for many years on all youth teams. Only 21 years old and after going through UBB and Oyonnax he has returned to Comberlin and is determined to impose himself there.

A Czech column was recruited

With 19 games played under the colors of Oloron last season, Fabien Pinto Da Silva’s photo. He was one of the most important parts of the Bearn club. He was previously passed by Espoirs in the Paloise division, so he will be a stadium manager during his next practice, just 24 years old and playing in 3rd place. Athletic, 1.87m for 97kg, the young man must find his place in his new colours.

Videos: currently on Actu

Lucas Claudey, prostitute He trained at TPR (Tarbes Pyrénées Rugby) before joining Stade Montois at the age of 20. Two years later, he went to the RCBA for three years. 25 year old Langonnais who played 37 Federal 1 game here. He will be able to bring a 1m75 solid man stone to the building in an open position for 92 kg.

Jérôme Clin, fullback or winger He went through UBB’s Espoir line-up before wearing the RCBA tunic for the past three seasons. A valuable asset for the South Girondin club.

Thomas GeffreAt age 24, he plays in the second line and comes from Bourgoin after donning the Cognac Saint-Jean d’Angély jersey with Christophe Hamacek rubbing his shoulders.

Finally, the leaders of Stade Langonnais were convinced. Czech foot José Novak To leave her purse at Comberlin. The 32-year-old, 1.82m for 105kg, has improved in Lormont in recent seasons, wearing the colors of Benetton Treviso and playing the Champions Cup with the Italian club.

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