Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez. Five facts to remember from the city council


The elected officials of Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez met at the city council on Monday, March 7, 2022. There is no flagship file on the evening’s menu, but there have been a few conversations regarding subsidies given by the municipality.

1. Exceptional grant for Ukraine

The Council began with a vote for an exceptional grant of 12,000 Euros. “Calculated on the basis of one euro per person”, To the Vendée-Ukrainian association helping Ukrainian civilians in the war against Russia. The municipality, together with the prefecture, began to determine the possibilities of accepting displaced Ukrainians into the municipality. After this deliberation was voted on, elected officials stood up and held a minute’s silence to commemorate the victims of the conflict.

2. 186,000 € grant to associations

Elected officials voted for a subsidy of €186,000 to sports, cultural, recreational and social associations for the year 2022. Seven opposition elected officials abstained. “Obviously we support municipal associations and understand that elections have to be held, Explained Laurent Boudelier. However, we have identified some inconsistencies in the summary table of these subsidies you have given us. We don’t get the same totals in some columns and don’t understand why some associations are more than last year and others less… We also had the opportunity to say we didn’t get it anyway. I don’t understand why you donated € 11,000 to the Sardinha Cup [course à la voile au départ de Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie, NDLR]What were the repercussions for Saint-Hilaire? »

“The grants are not automatic, they are given according to the needs and projects of the associations.replied Chantal Gréau, deputy delegate for associative living. We talked to each association that told us about their cash flow and projects and shared the grants accordingly. » As for the Sardinha Cup, the elected representatives of the majority increased the international influence of the race, which was watched in various countries around the world in 2021.

3. Support for the top five athletes

The city also renewed its financial assistance for five top athletes licensed at clubs in Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez: €1,500 for Emma Louineau (MTB Trial), Gaëtan Menguy (wheelchair tennis), Luc Guimbertaud (sailing) Gwladys Lemoussu (paratriathlon) ) and € 4,500 for Stéphane Houdet (wheelchair tennis).

4. A new councilor

photo lionel Goiseau joined city council on Monday (March 7th) to replace a resigning councilor in the union for the saint-hilaire group.  © west-france

Lionel Goiseau entered city council on Monday (March 7th) to replace a resigning councilor in the Union for Saint-Hilaire group. © West-France

There is a change in the “Union for Saint-Hilaire” opposition group: Lionel Goiseau has replaced Philippe Grabowski, who resigned as city councilor on February 4. “I am happy to have the files back after a two-year hiatus”, said Hilairois, 37, a firefighter. Lionel Goiseau sat on the council in the majority of former mayor Laurent Boudelier as assistant sports and communal life at the start of his tenure, then as business assistant.

5. Can schools have two new classes?

Elected officials voted unanimously for grants to schools in the municipality. Lionel Goiseau announced the reservation opening of two classrooms during the final chapter of the national education commission. “If the numbers are maintained, another classroom will open in La Fradinière and the Robert Desnos kindergarten in Sion in September 2022. The attractiveness of the city and the strong support our schools started during his last term of office, new families will settle in.”

6. A new craft zone in the works

Elected officials cleared 1.7 hectares of land in a place called La Jarrie (notre-Dame-de-Riez road, near Olmix) in Pays de Saint-Gilles -Croix-de-Vie and Pays de Saint-Gilles -Croix-de- Voted to transfer it to the Vie stack. It aims to develop a craft space there in the next few years. In the near future, some plots on the other side of the road will be marketed for the placement of masters.