Sainte-Lucie-de-Porto-Vecchio: bringing sports infrastructure to life and revitalizing the city


He’s not yet two years old, but the extra-municipal sports commission is pleased with a rather interesting first review after its meeting earlier this week. “Our main goal was to make an evaluation of all the sports facilities in the district, both on the coast and on the mountain. We have enough space to host many sports fans, but there were some infrastructures that needed to be reviewed and thought on . . , to provide a more compatible use with the region and its needs, and to follow a dynamic. “He cites Emmanuelle Agostini, vice-president of the commission, which has a dozen members, particularly elected officials responsible for associations and the CCAS.

Therefore, the first project is the reorganization of infrastructures to match supply and demand in the municipality, especially on the beach. “We wanted to keep many facilities permanent, such as stadium, dojo, gym, bowling alley, tennis, basketball court, local MJC… However, some are unused or underperforming. That’s why we moved some activities, such as soft gyms, to another location. . gymnastics and yoga to MJC’s facilities where there is a dance hall more suitable for practice. And we applied this logic to attract new associations, and they are the ones who want us to take advantage of our infrastructures that have paid off since today.”

A new dojo soon

However, a more or less comprehensive study is planned. This can include purchasing equipment and repairing certain spots, such as building an indoor climbing wall, especially on the track. “because there is a real demand”or that of a new dojo at a cost of €741,180 excluding tax, “With the funding requested from the national sports agency and CdC, 20% and VAT is the responsibility of the municipality”. Future dojo dreamed up “with teachers who use it and can best identify their needs. Consultations with the main parties involved, whether they are from associations or citizens who want to practice in good conditions, move the lines and that’s what the commission” says.

For the youngest, a municipal sports school was created, always in the spirit of revitalizing the town, which concerns the mountains and the coast. In total, about thirty primary school children attend every Wednesday morning, during the school holidays for up to forty, which offers young climbers an opportunity to go to the beach for activities such as sailing or climbing, and vice versa for mountain biking and tree climbing. Three workers take care of the children and have different activities done each term, “Whether in individual or team sports, to make them want to move, to discover sports they may not have thought of. The other goal is to be able to go to clubs when they are satisfied with the training”. Activity may develop for a full day in the coming months, depending on demand.

The near future will also be a time to reconnect with events, “Even though we were able to schedule a few events such as the day of associations, the Telethon, A scappata or the wellness weekend at Viseo, we had to cancel the triathlon in June due to health restrictions”. But PLB will be back on the weekend of 24-26 June, “with a festive look and a sporty look”. Two different races will be offered, one more accessible on Saturday at Pinarello, and the other on Sunday that will connect the sea and the mountains. “At Krono Corsica registration has already opened and we hope people will.”

The end of summer should see a weekend event dedicated to fitness and well-being, this time on the beach and with outside speakers, as well as a regatta in Pinarello Bay. “Dates and schedule continue to be developed, but two events are expected”confirms Emmanuelle Agostini that the purpose continues “first of all to energize the town so that people want to settle there and raise their children in this idyllic setting”.