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Connected watches will catch your eye, but have their rather high prices held you back so far? This summer, the 2022 sale period is changing the game completely, thanks to promotions that have generously reduced the price of many products, even on the Apple side!

this tied watchesMore than just a simple gadget, it offers many features; check your notifications without going through your smartphone, possibility to install a wide variety of apps, special sensors to make your training sessions more efficient, integrated GPS etc.

But depending on the options offered, the quality of the screen or the autonomy of the connected watch, the price can quickly rise! Fortunately, that’s where the 2022 summer sale comes in: attractive promotions lower the prices of linked watches!


  • The best deals on Apple smartwatches in summer 2022 sales
  • Android and iOS compatible Connected watches at the best prices on sale

The best deals on Apple smartwatches in summer 2022 sales

your one iPhone and looking to invest in a connected watch so you can look directly at your notifications, track your physical activity, or enjoy a state-of-the-art connected watch without sacrificing one of your kidneys? You’ve come to the right place: we’ve reviewed all the offers available to bring you the best fit for the 2022 summer sale. best deals on apple smartwatches. Discover the most interesting offers without delay!

Apple Watch SE GPS 44mm: the most affordable Apple Watch

Sales: Best deals on connected watches: Apple Watch, Galaxy Watch, Xiaomi...

We didn’t think we’d say this about Apple one day, but here’s a real good value for money. There is a slightly lighter version of the Apple Watch called. Apple WatchSE. It is suitable for those who do not want to spend a lot of money on the watch but still have the must-haves.

In fact, the Apple Watch SE does a little more. Powerful, big screen, her sister’s traits can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Sports and sleep tracking, electrocardiogram, calculation of blood oxygenation rate, Mac unlocking, GPS… We continue.

It’s what you need to do without fast charging and an “Always On” display to be able to check the time a little more discreetly.

Since the watch works on its own, you can even give it to a child instead of a smartphone.

And the combination of AirPods and Apple Watch is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We exaggerated a bit, but not that much.

Buy Apple Watch SE GPS 44mm at Amazon for €328

Apple Watch Series 7 GPS 45mm: The best connected watch on sale

Sales: Best deals on connected watches: Apple Watch, Galaxy Watch, Xiaomi...

If you already have an iPhone, look no further,Apple Watch Series 7 especially if you are looking for the best, this is the watch for you. Apple’s latest product completely changes its design with a screen that covers almost the entire front.

This new size makes it possible to view new things like a full numeric keypad for typing messages by swiping your finger from letter to letter. The OLED display is more durable than ever with its new material that is resistant to dust as well as water. You can dive to a depth of 50 meters without any problems.

It instantly pairs with your iPhone and lets you receive notifications, track workouts and sleep, set reminders, and even unlock your Mac.

Other new features are emerging, such as fast charging to top up your watch 33% faster. This is the perfect complement to the iPhone, and if you’re considering it, don’t hesitate because it’s at the best price.

Buy Apple Watch Series 7 GPS 45mm on Amazon for €409

Android and iOS compatible Connected watches at the best prices on sale

The scales on the side of the connected watches, which are compatible with both Android and iOS, do not go unnoticed. Many brands offer watches at very low prices, and online sales sites make them even more interesting with significant discounts! So, whether it’s to please yourself or to give a super practical gift to a loved one, it’s time to crack!

Galaxy Watch4: Samsung’s connected watch at the best price on sale

Sales: Best deals on connected watches: Apple Watch, Galaxy Watch, Xiaomi...

Apple is not alone in the smartwatch market. As it often happens, its biggest competitor, Samsung, offers an equally high-end product, but slightly cheaper.

this watch galaxy 4Samsung’s latest models are considered by experts to be excellent connected watches equipped with health and fitness-related sensors (sleep monitoring, cardio frequency meter, accelerometer, barometer, altimeter, integrated trainer, etc.).

As with Apple watches, it allows you to answer texts and calls, access your music and reminders, etc.

These watches have a GPS on board and sometimes connect to the mobile network without needing a phone nearby. There are loads of apps and watch faces available. Finally, they have an NFC chip and 16GB of storage for paying with your wrist.

Of course, compatibility is only strengthened if you have a Samsung smartphone. A connected watch is much more useful than you might think, and for such a model it’s worth a try at this price.

Galaxy Watch4 enjoys a €30 discount that brings its price down to €249!

Buy Galaxy Watch4 on Fnac for €249

Buy Galaxy Watch4 at Darty for €249

Garmin Venu 2S Rose Gold: State-of-the-art connected watch on sale in summer sales

Sales: Best deals on connected watches: Apple Watch, Galaxy Watch, Xiaomi...

The Garmin brand offers quality connected watches such as: Garmin Venu 2S Rose Gold with white band. As beautiful as it is practical, the watch has an attractive design that makes it a good compromise between a sports watch and a watch for everyday use.

It is versatile, it has multiple functions: full customization of the dial, various training modes, numerous sensors to analyze your sleep and its different phases, heart rate, menstrual cycle, stress status. If you are in a distressing situation (fall, discomfort, etc.), it monitors your safety by warning your loved ones.

Venu 2S is ideal for running, cycling, fitness, etc. Recognizes more than 25 sports, including If you wish, you can set goals to challenge yourself.

The Garmin Connect app is available on Android and iOS.

The level of autonomy lasts for about 10 days in watch standby mode and up to 9 hours if using GPS. 1 hour will be enough for charging.

During the sale, the price of the Garmin Venu 2S connected watch has dropped from €399 to €339, ie 30% off!

Buy the Garmin Venu 2S Rose Gold from Boulanger for € 339

Mi Watch black: a watch tied at a very low price thanks to summer sales

Sales: Best deals on connected watches: Apple Watch, Galaxy Watch, Xiaomi...

Smartphones from Xiaomi are famous for their excellent price / quality ratio. However, the Chinese brand is expanding its offer by offering connected watches at more than an advantageous price!

this Xiaomi MiWatch It has a 1.39-inch circular AMOLED display that resembles the design of a classic watch. You can customize the dial as you wish by choosing from over 100 different images.

The watch has its own app: Xiaomi Wear Lite, available on both Android and iOS. Although basic, it gives you access to a workout tab and a tracking history (sleep, heart rate, gym sessions performed, etc.).

Its integrated GPS allows you not only to find your way, but also to analyze your route. Ideal for sports, the watch offers 117 training modes, 17 of which are professional. It will be able to accurately analyze more than 30 data such as your heart rate, number of calories burned, speed.

As a bonus, it’s particularly durable with its super-long 16-day autonomy, enough to be able to move anywhere without worrying about seeing your Mi Watch leave you too quickly.

And all this for just 109€ instead of the regular price of 149€, we can thank the sales!

Buy Mi Watch black for €109 on Fnac

Buy the black Mi Watch for €109 at Darty

Gray Versa 2 SE: One of the cheapest watches connected to the Internet

Sales: Best deals on connected watches: Apple Watch, Galaxy Watch, Xiaomi...

On the low price side, the Versa 2 SE provides very good value for money. The connected watch, which is very affordable, has an AMOLED touchscreen that can display call and SMS notifications.

this Versa 2SE It constantly monitors your heart rate, evaluates the quality of your sleep, helps you better understand your body and manage your sports training. The connected watch can recognize and analyze 15 different sports. Exercises can guide and encourage you.

If the watch does not have GPS, you can find your route and running statistics on your smartphone.

Your voice is enough to control the watch: it can directly display the weather, set a timer, record reminders, etc.

It is waterproof up to 50 m, water resistant and therefore can accompany you in all conditions. Its battery has an autonomy exceeding 5 days.

Buy the gray Versa 2 SE at Darty for €118

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