Sarthe: Against the antenna installation, members of the collective complained

pylon antenna mézeray sarthe installation
44m high 4G antenna in the middle of the trees in this Saint-Jean-du-Bois (Sarthe) resident’s garden. ©Sable News

This calm, from his garden Saint-Jean-du-Bois (Sarthe) has a breathtaking new view 4G antenna It was established at the beginning of July 2021. It must be said that he lived only 80 meters from the imposing structure.

The 44-metre pylon was installed near the railway line, at a place called La Noë, where the wastewater treatment plant was located. Ferce-sur-Sarthe.

“We are at the doorstep. Sarthe Valleyspoils the landscape”, complains of the “Saint-Jean-du-Bois antenna” collective formed shortly after installation.

It brings together about thirty members who regret that they were not consulted before the project took place. “For the most part, we discovered it overnight. »

“It’s hard to understand”

he is free antenna It was developed by TDF, an infrastructure operator, in order to increase mobile coverage of the industry. But now, on a daily basis for residents, the latter was already satisfactory.

For the collective, the municipality did not sufficiently inform the residents. “This is difficult to understand. On the one hand, an antenna is raised. On the other hand, we bury telephone and power grids. [en référence aux travaux menés dans le bourg ces dernières années, NDLR]. »

Last summer, the group decided to meet with elected officials to find a solution.

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But it came to nothing. We are not against new technologies, but the location is problematic, because there are residences within a radius of 100 meters.

The collective “Saint-Jean-du-Bois branch”

Loss of property value

A joint commission was created to study a possible displacement of the antenna. It consists of four city councilors and four members of the collective. Here again the discussions did not lead to a solution.

Located 80 meters from the antenna, this Jamboisienne wants to sell its house. He recorded the differences between the estimates made before and after the assembly of the pylon. “This is a 30-40% depreciation,” he complains.

Also, if the effect antenna over health Scientifically unproven, the collective also puts a damper. “We don’t know if it’s harmful. »

Legal process started

The group has taken legal action. 10 members applied Nantes Administrative Court. An annulment lawsuit was filed on 23 December “the day the antenna was connected”. Quite a symbol.

If these residents believe they have a chance to win, “the procedure will take time. At least two years”.

In addition, seven members complaint Accusing the mayor of “recklessness and negligence”, citing the circumstances under which the project was voted on.

At that time, the city council could not consult with DIM. [Document d’Information de Mairie, NDLR].

To help cover the legal costs of the collective, a online kitty It opened with “Go Fund Me”.

the mayor’s response

The town’s mayor, Jean-Paul Boisard, freeit was aimed at improving the city’s telephone coverage and providing service to passengers traveling by train as the SNCF line was nearby.

The pylon is installed on private municipal land. There was no problem at the PLU level.

Jean-Paul Boisard, Mayor of Saint-Jean-du-Bois

As for the lack of communication pointed out by the collective, “we rent land. We do not own this project. Giving information is not a requirement. All documents are displayed in the town hall.

In addition, the city council first approved the installation of the antenna in November 2018, before presenting a new project in 2020 to inform the newly elected officials.

“Knowledgeable enough to vote”

If the DIM was taken after the first vote, the mayor believes the members have been adequately briefed. The operator was already going to carry out his project. »

After a collective appeal to the administrative court, the mayor says, “the file is in our insurance company’s hands.”

It should be noted that the first appeal by a local resident was rejected as it was not filed in 2021. evidence of serious danger.

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