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Rosalia Dupressoir, director of the Saint-Calais hospital.
Rosalia Dupressoir took up her position at the beginning of January 2022 as the new director of the Saint-Calais hospital (Sarthe). ©Le Petit Courier – L’Echo

He got his first job at the age of 32. direction inside hospital related to St. Calais (Sarthe).

Rosalia Dupressoir reached January 3, 2022 take over material prignaudHe left the hospital last September.

Can you introduce yourself ?

I come from the Paris area, I have an education legal, with expertise in health and medico-social law. I worked a little over 4 years Nord-Essonne hospital groupStrategic directive.

Then I integrated EHESP (School of advanced studies in public health Ed.) To study in Rennes, which I followed for 2 years manager of the health institution.

Did you know about Sarthe and more specifically the Saint-Calais hospital?

no but i’m interested establishment because it offers similarities With my experience in the Nord-Essonne group, direction was partnered with three sites and I was involved in a new architectural project.

This mirrors the Saint-Calais hospital in common with the Le Mans hospital.

What I liked here was the juxtaposition of small and large structures between Saint-Calais and Le Mans. It is a real chance that we are in common, we are not isolated. There is a health and medico-social component that interests me as well.

Were you informed about recruitment challenges affecting the hospital?

Yes but St. Calais not exceptional in our profession. Recruitment is a inner challenge to our profession.

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France has no El Dorado for that matter. Saint-Calais has many assets and I am very impressed with the investment and dedication of the staff. This solidarity is remarkable.

Speaking of staff, where are we in the emergency room?

The situation remains very fragile. we have loss ours last medical doctor last September he left for his personal convenience and we have been working together ever since. acting doctors.

We are working hard to find those who want to come. Beyond being expensive, it’s fragile because there can be last-minute shoots and it’s hard to get involved in a school project when you’re a temporary worker.

In the hospital, we miss him 6.3 full-time equivalents 4.8 included doctors in the emergency room.

Emergency room of Saint-Calais hospital
A mobile emergency team was formed in Saint-Calais (Sarthe) in January 2022. ©Le Petit Courier – L’Echo

EPMU was established on January 24 in this context.

Yes, Sarthe is a pioneer of this kind of system. EPMU operates from 8 am to 8 pm seven days a week with a nurse and a caregiver. The goal is to reach work 24 hours a day. We hope that it will be the same in June, we are hiring staff for this.

As of March 1, the EPMU went out 19 times, and 13 of those 19 outs triggered the SMUR. It is Samu’s regulatory doctor who decides to trigger the EPMU, followed by SMUR depending on the patients’ health status.

When the EPMU is not outside, caregivers is mobilized other services The reason the hospital does business that can be interrupted at any time is because they drop everything when there is a call.

What about the medical department, where in recent years there has also been a lack of vital forces?

There are always several out of 30 beds. 15 which ones inactive. We don’t have medical resources, doctors and nurses, and as a result we don’t have 30 beds for patients.

we have two doctors Full-time in SSR (follow-up and rehabilitation care) and USLD (long-term care unit).

Which areas do you want to develop?

we have a job to do strengthen the changes with urban medicine. The hospital should consolidate its position in the region.

I also want to improve your offer consultations related to expertslocally or developed telemedicine.

The idea would be to offer this type of consultation especially for follow-ups. But beware, this will be done inside the hospital, it’s not about home consultation.

Where is the architectural project?

As a reminder, this project concerns the construction of a new building in the medico-social part of the hospital. we discovered new restrictions techniques that make us rethink the location of the building.

New scenarios are always being worked on in the same place, but the thoughts are more focused on the typology of the building.

We’re going to build a new organization that should fit the current situation. difficulties related to supported your tomorrow. We try to go fast, but not in a hurry. you have to choose best option possible.


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