Shakira is in the ER, revealing she has no connection to Pique

It is the soap opera of the moment in the world. Football. pertaining to The breakup between international giant star Colombian singer Shakira and Spanish international world champion FC Barcelona player Gerard Piqué.. The Spaniard was caught in an act of deception by the singer with numerous hits. And according to the media, this is not the first time that the football player has cheated on his girlfriend, but Shakira’s surprise live broadcast has made the case darker than ever. And the latest news is that if the song’s star was spotted in the ambulance, she revealed that her breakup with Pique had no connection whatsoever…

An disclosed sleep treatment

“This isn’t the first cheating, but getting involved, I don’t think Shakira will forgive him…‘, journalist Roberto Antolin Garcia said TVAmerica. And not so long ago, the nickname Susy Cortez, who revealed about the defender of FC Barcelona saying that he wanted to seduce her, and sent hundreds of messages, like a few teammates of the Catalan club They were the most beautiful hips. Today, many media announced that the singer will face a violent reaction and will be on the verge of an anxiety attack. Shakira would therefore be taken to the emergency room, to be treated for sleep treatment..

Therefore, he would wait for the star with many hits, such as depression. hips don’t lie, WakaWaka or Torture.

Shakira denied the information

But actually, this is not true according to the artist.

It was he who corrected the information on his social networks. : ”This photo in the emergency room dates back to May 28, when I was accompanying my father who had suffered a severe fall.” can be read on his twitter account. However, we imagine that Shakira is not at her peak with everything that has fallen on her…

Internet users react

On social networks, Internet users collectively commented on the separation of Shakira and Gerard Pique. We were able to read many posts on Twitter but also saw many memes flourish. :

  • Pique cheated on Shakira saying ‘I didn’t say anything out of respect for Shakira’. Out of respect for my sister Shakira, she doesn’t fuck her husband. It’s not like you didn’t know she was taken, huh. He’s a pig, but you’re a pig too…”
  • ”Jay-Z cheated on Beyoncé, Pique Shakira, Abidal Hayet… Ladies, marry God-fearing men, that’s the only solution…”
  • ”Shakira lost Pique, lost one of the best kidney games in the world…”
  • Pique and Shakira have officially announced their separation. I swear I felt he was going to cheat on his wife Mdr Piqué said in an interview a few months ago, “I’m at a certain age, I’m bored now and I want to try new things”… mdr ”
  • “You are meeting with a football player, unfortunately you know what awaits you…”

Pique will lose big

After living happily for twelve years and seeing the birth of their two children, Sasha and Milan, Shakira and Pique will now know separate lives.

If his love for Shakira shouldn’t have been harmed by being the victim of the story (he may even have more support than before), Gerard Pique could see his future as both a football player and a businessman tarnished. The Spanish international, who led the Davis Cup but also owns more than one company, could lose a lot in terms of trust on the one hand and sponsors on the other, as his image is greatly tarnished. At 35, will he end his sports career? We’ll find out soon. A press conference or public apology could also come in the coming weeks. One thing is for sure, when the new season starts, FC Barcelona will have to answer questions about their “couple” unless they suggest that they not appear in front of the press…