Shocked by the war in Ukraine, deputies held their final session in the National Assembly.

“The meeting has been postponed” : After five turbulent years, on Thursday, February 24, legislative work comes to an end this Thursday, a day interrupted by the Russian invasion of Ukraine as the elections approach.

The first discussion about the health status of Covid-19 was: “somewhat incompatible with the situation that concerns us all”After the military intervention of the night, at the beginning of the changes, in a sparsely furnished Hemicycle, he recognized the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran.

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Live. War in Ukraine: Russia seizes control of Chernobyl power plant, according to Ukrainian presidency

The leader of the LREM deputies, Christophe Castaner, condemned the incident. “attempt for hegemony” Who is Russian President Vladimir Putin? “Violates international rights”. The groups LR, PS, LFI and Libertés et Territoires demanded that the Russia-Ukraine crisis be discussed in the Parliament as soon as possible.

“War broke out in Europe”

“War broke out in Europe. The term invasion is not very strong. Remember that those of us who are weak today may be our mistakes tomorrow., launched Philippe Gosselin (LR) with a historical reference to the state of the Old Continent at the start of the Second World War. he called “France is at the forefront of mobilization”.

You do not have to “especially not climbing”, prosecuted Mathilde Panot, head of the “rebel” MPs. It was appointed by the deputies of the majority who denounced the LFI and its candidate for Elysée Jean-Luc Mélenchon for a position considered indifferent in relation to Moscow.

“In the name of humanity, bring your troops back! »: Politicians around the world react to the Russian invasion

“We will be with the peacekeepers”assured communist Jean-Paul Lecoq. “What nonsense, war,” said Jacques Prévert. »

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Frédéric Petit (MoDem), vice-president of the Eastern European French, was so touched that he was in contact with the Odessa French school in Ukraine, especially at night. The Russian president does it accordingly. “Culture war declaration is anti-European”.

“We were all in some sort of bewilderment and apprehension”He counts on Gilles Le Gendre, the former boss of LREM MPs, in the corridors. “There is only one line for politicians: composure and unity even during the election period”He begs the elected representative of Paris.

“We were always ready to invade” in Mariupol

“No matter what the conditions are, our democratic life must continue”He calls Yaël Braun-Pivet, head of the Law Commission.

The last three texts about sports, school bullying and last name change are on the menu in the afternoon and the curtain will close. It turns out.

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Parliament could possibly meet at any time

Parliament can meet at any time. A parliamentary liaison committee is already scheduled for Friday in Matignon, which PS deputies’ leader Valérie Rabault wants to advance.

Messages “Stop the War” Where “Be with Ukraine” He appeared on the Twitter accounts of many parliamentarians.

Raphaël Glucksmann: “Twenty years of blindness to the true nature of Russian power has brought us to the brink”

I am concerned about the consequences of the war led by Putin in Ukraine on our country and on the daily life of the French: rising gas prices and fuel prices.already thinking of François Jolivet (LREM). “We MPs have a duty to think about exceptional tax protection measures. »

No more sessions before 28 June

At this stage, the Parliament XVI. He did not plan to sit again before June 28, the opening day of the century.and After the election of 577 deputies on 12 and 19 June, the legislature was sent to the National Assembly.

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So, what about the current majority after the presidential election? The question is on everyone’s mind and sparked a recent stormy question session to the government at the Palais-Bourbon on Tuesday.

Kiev, Mariupol, Kramatorsk, Kharkiv… Ukraine is under Russian bombs

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In a crowded Hemicycle, Maxime Minot (LR) “Like a clam tied to a rock, he is ready to do anything to stay in power”When François Ruffin (LFI) waves a giant check symbolizing the billions awarded to CAC 40 companies during this five-year period.

Perch owner Richard Ferrand (LREM) thanked all MPs for their contributions. “The commitment that keeps our democracy alive”.