Six tips to stay motivated and keep exercising


We define the same niche and stick to it without putting pressure on ourselves.

If there is no “standard” ideal rhythm in sports practice, if you want to remain minimally diligent, it is better to add sports sessions to your weekly schedule, regardless of the discipline applied. It is therefore a question of setting a place and a fixed time once or twice a week: a priority when the time comes, even if it is short-lived, devoted only to training sessions. In order to stick as much as possible to the necessities of daily life and urges to visit (or laze around), the beginning of the morning seems ideal. Around 9/10 in the morning it is also less hot, allowing you to spend the rest of the day free and enjoy your vacation. By making an appointment with yourself at a specific time, for example, it will be possible to respect a commitment to practice three training sessions per week. “ If you want to continue to be organized, I find it very important to arrange a date for yourself so that you do not miss each other. Co-founder of “Bibi” brand specializing in gym mats and other fitness accessories, and “SILENCE… sweats!”.

But the holidays are mostly synonymous with relaxation, it’s not easy to drink if you miss a session to do an activity with your loved one or if you take a stretch to catch up on weeks of lost sleep, especially since it’s a holiday. it really takes a few days to “turn off” before the muscles feel a difference. That’s why sessions can be lighter than usual: less targeted and less intense training, unhurried and purposeless, even if it means using your free time to act differently. As Lucie Horpin, alias fitness coach Lulubody, explains, the year is not a two-week break that will question all her efforts. ” According to studies, it takes at least three weeks without exercise to see a real difference for muscles. What will visually change is that when you exercise very regularly, they “swell” and give that more muscular look. If you don’t do it for a while longer, they will “extinguish”, but you won’t lose strength or muscle on your own. »

Train in pairs with your friends, family, children…

Whether on vacation, on a daily basis, and whatever the season, one thing is for sure: the group effect creates motivation. If we know that our friends or family are waiting for us, we have every interest in going there. What could be better than climbing a tree with your friends, biking with your family, or going for a walk as a couple. In addition to the opportunity to share good times together, this habit also allows you to encourage each other if someone is about to give up: there is less pressure to enjoy sharing a pleasant moment than to enjoy it. And we have everything to gain by temporarily leaving our solo workouts!

It is also possible as a group to participate in collective activities that can be done especially on the beach: volleyball, football, rugby, frisbee… It is also possible that some relatives are big fans of soft sports. Pilates or yoga and will be happy to share a class story of their passion. How about doing sports with your children? According to Eva Frot, ” dependent on mothers. Some tell us ‘sport is really a moment for me, the door is closed, I only think about myself and I don’t want to be disturbed’, while others like to see it as a moment of bonding with their children. »

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We look at apps and Youtube videos

In addition to “physical” gyms that already have their own mobile applications, there are many applications that allow you to train anywhere and at a certain time: FizzUP, Adidas Running, Nike Training Club, 8fit, 7 minutes Workout, TrainSweatEat… Lucie Horpin, especially sports He recommends this trick for those whose practice isn’t quite right:An app idea isn’t bad because it lets you follow a pre-scheduled session where you won’t think about the exercises you need to do, so don’t worry. » And if the fact of having to pay for specific apps to get more comprehensive content can be a brake, then there is the alternative. YouTube. With the advantage of a teacher whose encouragement throughout the session keeps us motivated. These videos are also characterized by their “powerful” music that helps them overcome their limitations. Otherwise, it’s possible to mute the course and simultaneously launch your favorite “sports” playlist on their audio platform or discover ones specially made by them.

When using these virtual sessions it remains to be seen what is the ideal time to just really feel the effects without “KO” the rest of the day. According to Lucie Horpin, “ it all depends on your first practice but I recommend at least 15 minutes otherwise there won’t be much interest. But if we want to stay at a high rhythm of four to five sessions a week because it’s good for us mentally, why not reduce the session time or the loads to make it easier, simpler? It’s about establishing a “care” dynamic, rather than sticking to the idea of ​​transcending yourself at all costs so you can rest while practicing a feel-good activity. “Once again, everything is a matter of organization, but according to our desires, because the goal is that these few days of rest and relaxation are not a long-awaited disappointment!

We find the opportunity to try new activities

At home, we are used to hitting the gym to practice our usual 45-minute cardio session. However, on vacation, it is a complete playground for those who want to get out of their comfort zone. Whichever resort is chosen, you will quickly realize that combining vacation and new sports activities to discover is, on the contrary, possible. For sea lovers, why not try a first surf lesson or indulge in an afternoon of canoeing or paddle boarding? Those who prefer the mountains can try Nordic walking (courses are often held), rock climbing or canoeing. “ On vacation, there is no routine obligation to build muscle, for example, like every week. This is an opportunity to try other activities like dancing. And then we must not forget that we are outside more often, which allows us to burn a lot of calories because we are more on the go. ” highlights Eva Frot.

Motivation can also arise by learning all the good plans for free gym classes offered by municipalities, clubs and associations: yoga session, group run, aqua gym, rowing, horse riding… Who knows, besides getting out of your daily routine? The fact of discovering new sports makes you why not find a new passion to practice once at home. Another tip given by Lucie Horpin: “ If the holidays are in private residences, campsites or even certain hotels, sports activities are often offered. Great for motivation: no need to think, we go to class, the environment is nice and there are a lot of people, so it’s a good atmosphere. »

We arm ourselves with lightweight accessories and the sportswear we love.

It is not possible for us to (lightly) equip ourselves as accessories, not because we are planning to board a plane or a very long car journey awaits us. No excuses: some take up almost no room in the suitcase. Elastic bands for the hips, for example, are now considered a great training classic. For Eva Frot, ” rubber bands are no excuses: they do not take up space and allow you to do a lot of movement on the thighs and buttocks. If we don’t have a gym at our resort and miss the “resistance” side of a workout, this accessory is perfect. Overall, having visually motivating gear makes you really want to play sports. »

Lucie Horpin recommends gliding discs (designed to create a gliding surface between hands or feet and the floor) and TRX (two straps attached to a solid support that allows you to work in suspension). the ideal accessory if you want to operate the upper body that can be hung anywhere: on a tree, on a door… simple yet effective “. And if you like to do yoga or pilates, for example, some mats have a carrying strap: easy to carry! Equipment says sportswear, and the holidays are the perfect opportunity to try new shoes or bras… Because if we tend to take the most suitable and comfortable clothes with us, It is better to choose those that feel beautiful and motivate, just by looking at them, by their visual aspect (look) or technique.

With supporting evidence, Lucie Horpin claims to have “ Many customers are motivated by the idea of ​​going to the gym because they bought new clothes online and can’t wait to wear them, which plays a role: any motivation is good to take. If the setting is ideal, even better. And now whoever says sports accessories also often says connected objects. Why not get this type of equipment like a watch right before you go on vacation so you want to test it out once there and follow your training or race more closely in real time.

We reconcile tourism and sport

A group jog in the middle of a capital city, visiting the Palace of Versailles and the Loire by bike (Running Tour)… There is nothing better than exploring the surroundings on the go! And for this, many tourist destinations offer this opportunity. It is possible to discover your holiday destination in many ways, especially by renting a bicycle. Less well known than walking, skating, diving or cycling, canyoning is a very good way to explore the beauty of a landscape, for example. “As soon as you plan your days, you can always associate it with physical activity. For example, if you want to visit a city, you can find out in advance how to get there on foot or by bike. We can see if we can do maritime activities on the spot. There are many possibilities to organize your holidays in a relaxing and sporting way at the same time. For me, walking and cycling are two basic activities that are easy to set up. », emphasizes Lucie Horpin.

For her part, Eva Frot highly recommends and even states: ” It doesn’t necessarily matter, but no, you just need to look at your phone with a pedometer at the end of the day to realize that we didn’t do anything all day and it wasn’t a disaster if you didn’t. Your daily gym session because you walked a lot during the day. » Cultural sports tourism associated with visiting infrastructures or landscapes is thus a booming market, prompting followers to explore inaccessible or unpublished places while physically outdoing themselves in the first place.