Soukdavone Gayat finally delivers some news at the hospital

Soukdavone Gayat, mother of 9 children and wife of Olivier Gayat, is one of the most important names in Turkey. large families, TF1 program. But it is not family life that currently appeals to the public. Rather, his health problems. Indeed, according to our colleagues in the journal hereSoukdavone Gayat has been hospitalized several times since the beginning of November 2021. As of February 28, objeko You can say he’s finally back home. However, it was his statements on February 26 that shed light on the latest news about his health. For this reason, we recommend that you make a detailed point.

Soukdavone Gayat gave details about his health

This mother of many families worried the public, as well as their relatives. Needless to say, being hospitalized is rarely a good sign. Especially when hospitalizations are linked at such a rate. The first of the list took place on November 7, 2021. Then it was Olivier Gayat, the husband of Soukdavone Gayat, who spoke on social networks to explain the situation to the public. Indeed, the Gayat family is very active on the Internet. It’s even possible to follow some of their adventures on the YouTube channel of their daughter, Olivia, who is close to her fan community. The father of the family later said that his wife should rest, it was too early to know what his problem was.

“He’s still in the hospital today. They took blood from him. During the day, they’ll give him the scanner to see what he really has.”, explained Olivier Gayat. And finally, the public later “big stone blocking his bladder” which caused Soukdavone Gayat to suffer. Fortunately, she was able to explain her situation to internet users four days later. While She was not very happy, she understood that her suffering was not life-threatening. However, this did not stop his relatives and fans from worrying, objeko grant you

A development expected by the public and the relatives of the mother.

“I’m better and I’m not in any more pain, frankly I’m really relieved about it. It’s not over for me yet. I still have to go back to the hospital a few months later to have my last kidney stone removed. I have to go back for scanners, blood tests, small exams and still have another one.” I have to go back to the hospital for surgery.”, followed by the detailed Soukdavone Gayat. In fact, he hadn’t come out of the forest yet. And for good reason, she returned to the hospital at the end of February 2022.

“Hello guys, I hope you’re all doing very well. There it is, I’m doing some walking. Otherwise, everything is fine with me. I’m in very, very good shape, yesterday I was very bad, I couldn’t stand it anymore. », he said later on February 26. Fortunately, this star mom’s health Large families, life in XXL therefore it has been improved. He could even tell internet users that he would be out the next day. information verified by objeko as she is currently returning home with her husband and children.


It was an adventure that Soukdavone Gayat will undoubtedly remember for a long time. But as an equal to himself, he will very rarely talk about it now. Indeed, he is one of those people who can see the bright side of things. That’s why Soukdavone Gayat focused on getting out of trouble rather than the mayhem of multiple hospitalizations. In addition, he managed to count every day the person to whom he gave his nickname. “protection”, her husband Olivier Gayat. Despite 9 children and a relationship that started before they were adults, these two are more united than ever before. This is why the public appreciates the Gayat family so much. Large families, life in XXL.

So all we have to do is wish Soukdavone Gayat continues to do well and stay out of the hospital for years to come. Otherwise, how will his fans and fans recover?