specialist in corporate sports and sporting events


Specializing in corporate sports activities since its establishment in 2019, Sport Team Building offers a wide range of personalized services for the well-being and health of its employees for buildings of all sizes. The company also offers conferences and Team building seminars.

Corporate sports tailored to different needs

Founded in Lyon by two qualified sports coaches, Sport Team Building offers corporate sports sessions for all levels, with sessions one to five times a week. In the program: sports courses, cardio training, muscle strengthening, boxing, self-defense, as well as yoga, Pilates, reflexology, plantar reflexology or relaxation.

Our desire is to adapt to the needs of our clients through our coaching and corporate sports offer. We want to contribute to the turnover of employees through the practice of physical activity that reinforces the “good life” in the workplace. We have collaborated with companies from various backgrounds such as Cartier, Decathlon, Securitas and Harmonie Mutuelle. In total, we held more than fifty events throughout 2021!”Yann Chambert, one of the two fitness coaches behind the company, explains.

Sport Team Building: specialist in corporate sports and sporting events
Sport Team Building: specialist in corporate sports and sporting events © Sport Team Building

Sporting events: Koh Lanta events, Bootcamp and orienteering

Beyond sports activities in companies, Sport Team Building wants to develop more singular services such as the Olympics, orienteering races, adventure games, sports events such as Bootcamps, as well as tests of the famous Koh Lanta game.

“Ko Lanta Olympics events are a huge success: we design new events every year! For example, we created treasure hunts in the town or countryside, covering the famous orientation table puzzle event from Koh Lanta.”

Note that Sport Team Building caters to companies and also on-demand for private groups.

Team building seminars and conferences with top athletes

In parallel with sports coaching sessions in Lyon and the rest of France, Sport Team Building organizes numerous conferences with top athletes as well as many business seminars on demand (half-day, one-day and up to three-days).

“During these meetings, athletes can discuss and share their high-level experiences, touching on the concepts of self-transcendence, stress, success and also failure! In particular, we work with rugby player Maxime Mermoz, sailor Sébastien Destremau, athletes. With Pascal Martinot-Lagarde and Elea Diarra and psychiatrist Yasmine SPITZ in another recording. We also have seven professional speakers in our ranks who can lead meetings with companies.”adds trainer.

Sport Team Building organizes seminars and medical conferences for physicians and healthcare professionals, particularly on musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and everyday well-being.

Sport Team Building: specialist in corporate sports and sporting events
Sport Team Building: specialist in corporate sports and sporting events © Sport Team Building

E-coaching fitness sessions to improve your health

Sport Team Building offers sports coaching sessions that can be followed on the “Microsoft Teams” platform with groups of 10 to 100 people in times of health crisis.

“Whether it’s for muscle-strengthening, cardio or stretching sessions, we encourage employees to quit while helping them maintain their physical fitness even while teleworking. Sports at work or working remotely have many benefits: it’s beneficial for both employees and employees. It significantly strengthens social bonds for mental health as well as mental health!”

Sports e-coaching sessions last between thirty minutes and an hour on average. Currently, Sport Team Building conducts remote sessions with clients based in Dubai.

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