Sportleads app, an essential tool to strengthen your B2B network


Sports organizations that have become a defining indicator of business performance should make every effort to increase the level of commitment among partners within business clubs. To assist them in this mission, Sportleads has developed a new B2B mobile application that facilitates connections between different companies. Decoding.

How to multiply time of change to promote business opportunities among different partners? Clubs are constantly expending their brains to answer this question and best satisfy the companies in their networks. Event programs outside of sports events – themed joint breakfasts, business speed meetings, etc. – after significantly expanding it, many clubs have in recent months sought to improve their digital tools to meet and maintain the challenges associated with the health context. the level of interaction between partners.

This is especially true for Rugby Club Massy Essonne. A dynamic National club aiming for short-term development in PRO D2 – currently occupying the top of its championship – RCME is deploying a new mobile app for its B2B network for this 2021-22 season. Developed by Sportleads, this new tool allows RCME to encourage and facilitate exchanges between its network of more than 150 partners, 60% from Essonne and 80% from the Ile-de-France region. A new tool that contributes to the strengthening of the regional anchoring strategy undertaken by the club.

“Our new app allows partners to take advantage of a variety of club information at any time. Makes it easy to register for our business club events. And best of all, it gives our partners instant access to the network that allows them to better prepare their participation in our various events by scheduling pre-targeted meetings with other partners of our business club,” explains Lionel Negrier, Sales and Marketing Manager of Rugby Club Massy Essonne.

Sportleads RCME App

In its standard configuration, the application developed by Sportleads facilitates a news module, a partners directory, an agenda for clubs’ events and companies to register directly, and direct contact between sponsors via private messaging. Clubs also have the ability to automate the sending of push notifications, for example to inform their partners about the organization of a B2B event. Finally, other modules can be integrated into the application according to the needs of the clubs, including a marketplace that allows partners to post their offers, a forum, a photo sharing section and even games. Plugins that increase repetition of app usage and increase interactions.

“The app gives our partners instant access to the network that allows them to better prepare their participation in our various events by scheduling targeted meetings with other partners of our business club in advance”

Lionel Negrier – Sales and Marketing Manager – Rugby Club Massy Essonne

“This app is a solid tool for both conquest and loyalty of partners. With the health crisis, advertisers are increasingly wary of their return on investment. Therefore, clubs should establish new mechanisms to promote exchanges and networking. “We want to develop an app that is useful for clubs as well as for partners above all else,” explains Sportleads Director Dominique Levron.

An app that everyone can access

Marketed as white label, the app fully integrates the charter and graphic features of client clubs. Between defining the specifications and delivering the application, the company communicates with an average delay of 2 months. However, development can go faster if the club reacts strongly. “We delivered the RCME mobile app in less than 6 weeks,” says Dominique Levron. Amiens SC (Ligue 2 BKT) as well as Essonne club were also convinced of the new product developed by Sportleads.

And Sportleads doesn’t intend to stop there. The tool’s ease of use, adaptability and usefulness should encourage the adoption of this new application by many semi-professional and professional clubs seeking digital solutions to revive their partner networks. “Clubs do not need a communication or marketing service provided to take responsibility for the implementation. It is suitable for both top clubs and formations with minor administrative services,” says Dominique Levron.

“The B2B file of a sports club is always invaluable. It is then possible to self-finance the application by marketing weekly or monthly campaigns”

Dominique Levron – Director – Sportleads

In order to have such an application, the necessary investment should not create an entry barrier. Although Sportleads requires a budget of approximately €5,000 for the first year of use – including setup costs – Sportleads has provided advertising space within the vehicle that is eligible to monetize the solution. An ingenious device that will enable a club to make its new communication channel profitable from its first year of use. “It is possible to run an ad interstitial when the app or a section is opened. Banners can also be added above or below the navigation. And of course, we can provide all broadcast statistics. A sports club’s B2B file is always invaluable. It is then possible to self-finance the application by marketing weekly or monthly campaigns”, confirms Dominique Levron.

A scalable application according to the needs of the clubs

With the desire to adapt the app to the feedback and (new) needs of the clubs, Sportleads is already working on new modules to add functionality. “Since it was released, we’ve enhanced it with new options. And we are currently working on new developments. We work hand in hand with the first clubs to use our solution to set new directions. Once a proposal was deemed appropriate and, above all, viable, we began work to ensure the functionality. Clubs’ hands are, in a way, on our roadmap,” explains Dominique Levron.

The next project in development: implementation of a ticketing module that allows partners to recover match tickets directly in the app. “Recently, a club asked us about such a feature. We have started discussions with the ticketing service provider and the development is being quantified. But it’s totally possible,” says Dominique Levron. A feature that will put the application at the heart of corporate sports clubs networks…

This article was written by Ecofoot’s editorial staff as part of a paid partnership with Sportleads.

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Sportleads app, an essential tool to strengthen your B2B network