Sports in the digital age


Sports apps have been changing rapidly since the advent of digital gadgets. Applications for monitoring physical activities, connected sports applications, Formula E (electric racing cars), virtual sports: whether practiced personally or professionally, sports have evolved significantly thanks to digital technology. “ Digital is structurally transforming the field of sports. New disciplines are emerging and the boundary between amateur and professional sport is becoming increasingly blurred. It is a profound change in all aspects of society with significant market potential. Explains Laurence Sonzogni Delgado, Head of Accelerators for Bpifrance’s Accelerators Division.

The first change has to do with our lifestyle as the home becomes the new playground: 24% of athletes train at home, compared to 18% in 2018. The health crisis has of course favored this sport in the bedroom, but this is a structural change that needs to be made. last. ” You can pedal at home on a tethered bike at the same time as thousands of other cyclists. Also, this practice is declared an Olympic discipline during the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. Laurence Sonzogni points to Delgado. The second trend: fans become real players in sports competitions. In Formula E, the Fanboost app gives fans the opportunity to vote for their favorite driver and give them an extra boost during the race. Street-born workouts reach Olympic discipline rank, as did 3×3 basketball at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

Third mutation: athlete brands. ” Top athletes become media on their own, sometimes more powerful than their clubs. During Euro 2020, Coca Cola lost 4 billion in the stock market when Cristiano Ronaldo took a can of the brand off camera at a press conference. Explains the Bpifrance Accelerator Manager. Fourth development: The eSports boom, which today brings together millions of enthusiasts and where their competitions have a global audience. ” By breaking down digital, physical and social boundaries, it has brought a fluidity to the world of sports that creates an increasingly fusion and at the same time more complex ecosystem. Laurence Sonzogni is finishing off Delgado.

An app for amateur sports

Amateur sports are slowly starting to go digital. Nizar Melki co-founded SportEasy in 2012 with Albin Egasse, an application that facilitates the daily life of teams and amateur clubs. Meanwhile, two engineers and sports fans realize that running an amateur football club is time consuming. “ An Excel spreadsheet to track contributions, unending emails, last-minute text messages in case of cancellation: the tools available were not very effective. We told ourselves that there is something better to do thanks to digital. Reminiscent of Nizar Melki. To convert this poor cousin of digitization The duo is developing a free web application that allows leaders to save time on their administrative management and volunteers’ day-to-day organization.

In 2016, the venture raised €1.3 million from Bpifrance (through the Ambition Priming Angels Fund) and business angels to create the mobile app in free or paid mode. ” Half of our revenue comes from the single team version app (free or €60 per year) and SportEasy Club, multi-team (€3 per member and per year). The other half is advertising tells the co-founder. With a user base of 1.9 million today, 250,000 daily and 700,000 monthly. A few brands have shown interest in targeted advertising and partnerships, not just those belonging to the world of sports like Nike or Decathlon. In mid-2021, a new €5 million fundraiser enabled the initiative to diversify its services to clubs and consolidate its leadership in France. ” Our marketing spend is minimal, as our growth is primarily based on word of mouth. He explains Nizar Melki, whose goal is to become the European leader in the next three years. SportEasy also divided the SporTech collective into three sectors (fan, professional and amateur) with its 80 sports start-ups.

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