Sports passions of new green municipalities


Municipal elections were not played on this ground: Sports were not the main topic of the last campaign, especially during the coronavirus period. However, in most major cities where elected environmentalists have triumphed, new city councilors aim to paint a different picture than their predecessors. With greener accents of course. But it’s not just him.

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The new agreement begins by redefining the balance between professional sport and amateur sport. “There is no denying the importance of professional clubs, identity vectors, social cohesion, celebration and attractiveness.It highlights Julie Nublat-Faure, the new sports assistant of the mayor of Lyon, Grégory Doucet. But they get a disproportionate share of subsidies, and I intend to bring everyone around the table to review the award criteria, with an emphasis on diversity, youth education, inclusion of athletes with disabilities, concrete actions in terms of ecology. On all these points there is currently a lack of evaluation. »

Rebalancing subsidies for amateur sport

Photographed by ecologist Pierre Hurmic in Bordeaux on 28 June, his new assistant in charge of sports, Mathieu Hazouard, is in the same line: “In terms of subsidies, uncertainty or tradition still prevails. Therefore, I would like to set up a sports council responsible for making an assessment of the intervention to establish new rules for next year. » Some predict tensions will come in Besançon, which Abdel Ghezali wants to avoid. The socialist deputy counts on continuity and finds the delegation he occupies in the outgoing municipal team, which includes the new tenant of the town hall, ecologist Anne Vignot. “Our top level aid will remain at 1.6 million Euros as our professional clubs need strong support during this very difficult Covid-19 period.he assures. Professional sports and amateur sports feed off each other, for example the girls of the flagship handball team take part in schools, neighborhoods and city life. »

There is a whole relationship between divergence and new partnerships that can be reversed. In Lyon, Julie Nublat-Faure aims to persuade big clubs and top athletes to carry the ecological message. They have a role in the ecological transition and I hope to see them participate in the reflections within the framework of the Ecological Mutations House that we will establish. How to do sports better in the city, but also to rethink urban planning to facilitate implementation, integrate global warming into this reflection, etc. »

Rediscovering the inclusive values ​​of sport

Green ambition is of course ubiquitous. But for selected environmentalists, turning to the amateur world means reinforcing the social dimension of sport more generally. In Strasbourg, the new EELV mayor, Jeanne Barseghian, can count on sports assistant Owusu Tufuor on this record. Originally from Ghana, this collaborator wants to be inspired by his career. “I came to France at the age of 15 and not speaking a word of French., Thanks to my football coach, I was able to adapt, says. This is what sport should be asserted as a social bond, a vector of citizenship and even access to employment. Sport must become inclusive again at all costs. »

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In Besançon, Abdel Ghezali aims to provide club-trained educators to popular neighborhoods. “The municipality will pay, not the volunteers”says. We must provide human and financial resources to help sports associations promote diverse practices in disadvantaged areas. » All newly elected officials also point to a major infrastructure problem. “There is a real shortage of local facilities in Bordeaux that have either fallen into disrepair or are completely missing in some areas.regretful Mathieu Hazouardwe also have to go back to the basics: renovating and building, obviously with ecological standards”. Sport as a remedy to the excesses of difficult neighborhoods? Between traditional leftist politics and new ideas, green municipalities are just the thing for them.