Sportswear, new fashion icons


Fashion loves public figures. From football players to NBA players to the increasingly popular K-POP artists with luxury, the case is clear. And if there have been many muses in recent years that brands are particularly fond of, it’s the sports ones.

Charismatic, inspiring and determined. These magnetic “je ne sais quoi” make them fashion icons in themselves. During the kick-off Tokyo Olympics already given, focus on these new fashion icons.

Serena Williams, Megan Rapinoe… unexpected fashion icons

They are no longer offered in their field. But there is another place where female athletes are hit hard by descending into an unexpected place: the very closed circle of fashion.

Her new icons are called Serena Williams, Simone Biles and even Megan Rapinoe. And if we’ve never predicted their future in the industry, it’s definitely because he never saw them as compatible. Because fashion loves silhouettes of slender women and slightly athletic bodies, but sportswomen? No.

Prominent muscles, underdeveloped breasts, muscular calves… In short, the characteristics of many female athletes do not conform to the usual feminine codes. That’s why their bodies have never been on the cover of major fashion magazines… At least until 2018, when Serena Williams appeared on the front page of the magazine in a swimsuit. Harper’s Bazaar England.

Then the road opens and many of her sisters qualify to be on the cover of women’s magazines. Like Megan Rapinoe, the soccer player who looks topless under her blazer on the front page. american charm.

Athletes changed the situation. On a daily basis, in front of the cameras, they show a new face of femininity that was previously disapproved of by fashion or society in general.

Sportswomen, the new icons of pop culture

It’s not just about magazine covers or endorsements. Like actors and singers, fashion is finally opening its doors to female athletes, who are now ambassadors and sometimes even co-signers of private collections.

And if fashion commissions them, it’s not (just) for the number of trophies they’ve collected. They are the inspiration models that brands look for above all else. Everyday women with whom we can identify while admiring their extraordinary aura.

In 2016, toy maker Mattel is scrutinizing one of them. This athlete? Retired football player Abby Wambach. The Barbie doll in her picture certainly celebrates women’s football, but also the courage of the attacker. That’s because Abby Wambach has spoken out multiple times to discuss her homosexuality and the challenges she faces, including the rejection of her own mother.

Megan Rapinoe Laure Manaudou, Eileen Gu,… What they represent in the eyes of society elevates them to the level of icons. Thanks to them, our concept of the feminine tends to evolve, as evidenced by the case of South African athlete Caster Semenya. hyperandrogenismand to think that femininity is plural.

But these champions of all disciplines did not wait to be named by brands to establish their fashion stance. Proof of 7 athletes using fashion as a performance tool.


Florence Griffith-Joyner, pioneer

Without it, style certainly wouldn’t have much place on the tennis courts and racetracks.

in the 80s, Florence Griffith-Joyner phenomenon to follow. He broke the 100m record in 1988 in 10.46, stunned observers and filled with speculation. The crowd entering the stands is to admire its appearance.

Because, “Flo Jo“It’s always lined: gold bracelets, scrub, perfect lipstick. She’s also the first runner to wear a jumpsuit that goes from head to toe. Also, the sprinter flaunts long acrylic nails. An aesthetic that many see as a “ghetto,” because she comes from black American culture. And if this manicure is still stereotypical, it was even more so at the time. Many people wonder how Americans have mastered their race with such “gears”.

If Florence Griffith-Joyner died tragically at the age of 38, she paved the way for several generations of athletes combining performance and style. We can safely say that Sha’Carri Richardson is his worthy heir. The 21-year-old American sprinter is already impressing with her colorful hair choices and manicure as neat as Griffith-Joyner’s.


Serena Williams, the fashion queen on the courts

She is the greatest female tennis player in history. Serena Williams has captivated with her play quality and assertive clothing since her first tournaments. While some are controversial, the clay court look is more iconic than the other. And outside of the tennis courts, his appearance is equally observed (and criticized).

Like tonight from the 2019 MET Gala. Serena Williams gets angry walking the red carpet dress Versace workshop. object fashion crime : these are his Nike x Off-White sneakers neon yellow color. When the abusive dress-sneaker combination isn’t there, her detractors attack her for her choice of dress, which she finds too tight for her supposedly too masculine muscles.

But as Virgil Abloh is the OFF-WHITE brand with which Williams signed an exclusive collaboration in 2018, there’s nothing to damage fashion credibility. The 39 Grand Slam title holder collects muse contracts, as he did with shoe designer Stuart Weitzman, to name but one.


Megan Rapinoe, a golden muse

He is one of the favorite athletes of the brands. World football champion American Megan Rapinoe became the face of LOEWE House in 2019. It makes sense since Rapinoe caused a sensation by snatching anything in her path.

The World Cup, the Ballon d’Or – the highest individual distinction in the world of football – and the hearts of Internet users. Why ? Her outspokenness and activism, especially in the interest of the LGBTQIA+ cause and equal pay for professional sportswomen.

A great all-around leader, Megan Rapinoe was named as Victoria’s Secret’s new ambassadors in June 2021. The star of the round ball no longer counts the covers of fashion magazines. We keep it on its front page, though, that he shared it with his partner, basketball player Sue Bird. Trendy. The athletic couple is wearing two looks from Gucci.


Simone Biles, “GOAT”

Vogue, Glamor, Teen Vogue. gymnast Simone Biles it also has a good track record on the covers of major magazines. Even more so, 24 years old, American athletic bodies “fashion”. Her method is as follows: revealing her muscular shoulders and legs with short sleeveless evening dresses. Open Red carpetis always a success.

Another fashion statement: leotards. In June 2021, Simone Biles arrives at the United States National Gymnastics Championships in a volume full of outfits. It’s in question: a drawing of a goat on the back of her leotard, all embellished with rhinestones. And if the goat says to himself goat It is an abbreviation of the term to be considered here in English. Greatest of All Time (GOAT) : The greatest of all time.

If the American gymnast first wore the totem animal in one of her costumes long before that date, this time it was “to respond to thoughts,” explains the American gymnast. Here’s the stylistic ego trip we love in sports. But in this particular case, can we really talk about ego when we are the most decorated gymnast in history?


Ibtihaj Mohammed, humble fashionista

The general public discovered this during the 2016 Rio Olympics. Fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad won the team bronze medal there and also caught the attention of the whole world. Indeed, she is the first American woman to wear a headscarf during the Games.

every day of my life, İbtihaj Muhammed it shows his love for fashion and more specifically modest fashion. In other words, a section dedicated to Muslim, Christian, Jewish women and other faiths, combining style and modesty. Later in 2014, she started her own modest fashion house named Louella she.

But modest fashion is first and foremost an industry that is at the center of the controversy fueled by the far right. 2017, Nike launched Pro Hijab, a sports hijab for Muslim athletes.

Results ? Increasing calls for boycotts. A year ago, the Minister for Family, Children and Women’s Rights Laurence Rossignol was already rebelling against “Islamic fashion”: “We cannot accept that it is banal, harmless for big brands to invest in this market. It is part of brands.”

One thing is for sure: when you’re a Muslim and veiled woman, navigating the little inclusive field of fashion is difficult, as evidenced by the withdrawal of Halima Aden, the first hijab model in history, from the runways.

But a few months after the Rio Games, Mattel The first veiled Barbie in history, with the image of Ibtihaj Muhammad. This doll is from Mattel’s “Shero” collection, which aims to pay homage to inspiring women. Evidence that the covered fencer is considered a model of representation.


Abby Wambach, androgynous look

American football player Abby Wambach made a strong impression with her androgynous appearance. Short shaved side hairs, stud earrings and crewneck t-shirts. She has also created a cotton t-shirt collection with the American brand she. wild female. most cheat attacker’s signature mode? Blazers.

This unique style More Barbie than Mattel dedicated to her, and the football player praised the fact that this doll upset the standards of beauty. “Having played with Barbies who don’t look like me myself, seeing this doll today is proof that everything has changed. We’re not all born equal and if your Barbie doesn’t look like you: here’s another option.”

Throughout his career, Abby Wambach She has appeared on the front pages of many magazines, most notably in 2012, when she posed nude for ESPN.


Naomi Osaka wins Louis Vuitton champion

Another of our fashion conquerors: Naomi Osaka. If the tennis player has been sponsored by Nike since 2019, he will become an ambassador for Louis Vuitton in 2021.

An unsurprising choice, as the Japanese-Haitian is an important spokesperson for the new generation. He is particularly notable for his commitments to racial injustice.

In May 2020, Naomi Osaka broke the taboo on the mental health of top athletes by revealing her anxiety.

In January 2021, it was at Louis Vuitton by Nicolas Ghesquière that the world number 2 posed for the first time on its cover. US Vogue.