Spring 2022 Anime Season Ideal For Fans Of The Sport Genre


Like most other media genres, anime genres experience ups and downs in popularity. Isekai shows have dominated the media over the past decade and there is no sign of slowing down. Sports anime, on the other hand, has suffered a decline – these shows haven’t had the same impact on the fan base they did five years ago. Most of the popular shows of that era have either ended or there are no signs that another season is coming. Meanwhile, new sports series often failed to live up to expectations.

But the spring 2022 season may change this trend. This season features five unprecedented sports titles, none of which cover the same activity. From football to horse racing, each has unique qualities to offer to the audience. Of these, everyone who ranks in the top three on MyAnimeList has a lot of potential. Whether it’s for the animation studio or the story they’re planning to tell, this anime genre can just pull it out of its routine.

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aoashiaoashi aoi

This series is supported by anime fans who pay attention to the studios that handle the animation. Produced by Production IG, known for his impressive work on widely acclaimed shows such as: Legend of Vinland and the first seasons of both Attack of the Titans and haikyu!!, aoashi already has a pedigree. On top of that, it makes for a great plot for a sports series with a clearly flawed protagonist in its first episode.

Ashito Aoi immediately considers himself a competent football player. Every time he gets the ball he can score a goal. However, it’s also a problem for other players on the field. Ashito’s team’s main strategy is to pass the ball to him and let him score, which makes him appear egocentric to his opponents. His assumptions are not wrong – Ashito admits to being selfish, but his team admits it. This attitude may have worked for him so far, but it also had consequences: due to his reputation and immaturity, he loses the opportunity to scout for a prominent high school team.

At the end of Episode 1, he gets a chance to go to Tokyo and join a team, but only after he proves his commitment to self-improvement in the sport. Ashito sees the task given to him by his new coach as a challenge, and as a result, he’s doing everything he can to get it right. In one section, aoashi establishes the main character’s strengths and weaknesses in a balanced way. He’s not a genius or someone who can really do something well – he’s a passionate kid with plenty of room to grow.

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dance dance dancer

dance dance dancer theater

dance dance dancer It also owns a famous animation studio supporting it. MAPPA, known to work on Jujutsu Kaisenlast seasons Attack of the Titans and next saw man adaptation is responsible for bringing this anime to life. Episode 1 showcases the studio’s narrative resume within minutes of its first ballet performance, in a stunning performance that doesn’t use polarizing CG animation.

However, the biggest draw for many fans is the message she’s about to deliver. The main character, Junpei, fell in love with ballet as a child and, despite her father’s short-term opposition, forced herself to include herself in ballet. Then tragedy struck, and Junpei suddenly felt that she needed to get rid of her “feminine” attention. Intentionally or not, the expectations and comments of those around him force him to follow in his father’s footsteps, so he leaves ballet for martial arts.

Although she insists that she has finished dancing, it is clear to the audience that she is not. He always wants, but often stops. So, even though the reason he took him back is a girl he loves, Junpei going back to ballet feels authentic. Junpei is brought back to the studio every day even when he’s doing the things that make him a man. While dancing, she feels emotions that she could never feel in martial arts. How she manages to rediscover her love and make it known to others will be the main driving force behind this series.

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i like to play everything

Everyone likes to play Ryo

i like to play everything it’s more of a joke but it can lead to something big in your hand. In recent years, several anime about badminton have been made, but none more than arousing interest in the community. Hanebado taking himself too seriously for many viewers, Worker Club explored aspects as simple as its core principle. With two divisions currently available, i like to play everything finds a good balance between life and sport.

Mizushima Ryo and his friends come across a badminton club one day and they are inseparable. Now that they are nearing the end of middle school, they must decide which high school they will attend. Ryo is offered an athletic scholarship to a reputable high school, but this perfect chance doesn’t go as planned. His family does not approve of this idea; They don’t want him to be dependent on his physical abilities, so he decides to enter school based on his grades.

The second episode moves on to badminton, with a first episode focusing on school life. In an app that aims to test the skills of Ryo and other hopefuls on the team, viewers get a feel for each character’s skill level and personality. Duration i like to play everything it doesn’t look like anything special right away, it has the potential to be a solid sports anime.

well done guys

Cheer Boys is a fairly mature anime about male cheerleaders.

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